Babes is babes

mennmannequins.jpg picture by pemerytx

“Here he comes again.  Last week he brought me plastic flowers.”


More captions from readers:

“So then I told him that I felt like people were always watching me and he told me I was paranoid!”  Dee

“He said he wanted to go out with me but then he stood me up!”   Dee

“Damn, those be some fine gams. Gotta get me some.”  Paschal

“Those babes gotta be crazier than I am. It’s freezin’ out here.”  Paschal



During one of my searches for just the right photo for a post, I found the one above at  I got such a kick out of it that I was compelled to think of a caption for it. 


If some other captions come to any of you sharp-thinkers out there, do tell, and I’ll add them to this post.

7 responses to “Babes is babes

  1. “So then I told him that I felt like people were always watching me and he told me I was paranoid!”

    “He said he wanted to go out with me but then he stood me up!” yuk yuk yuk (Love the plastic flowers line!)

  2. DEE
    Thanks for thinking up some captions, Dee! I really like the second one of yours. Yuk-yuks rule, I guess ; )

    Thanks, Professor. Do you get “The New Yorker”? You probably don’t…that might be sacrilegious for a Texan… Anyway, I always love the caption contests at the end.

    I’m grinning ‘cause you got a smile out of this, despite the effing work of these days. I’m glad for the terrier, however. And you have the indie film coming up, yes?

    Ah, Ms. Mood, I loves me a “brilliant” anywhere near something I scribbled, yass, I’m that egoical ; )

  3. In point of fact, I’d much rather get the New Yorker than the perfumed funk of Texas Monthly, riddled with its scented inserts, not to mention its growing right of center list. And as a matter of fact, Walden wiled his time in a mortgage consultant’s office Tuesday evening, coming up with captions for the August 3rd contest. I’m reading its account of Ian Frazier’s road trip through Siberia. Sacrilege? I’m a UT-Austin grad student grad who pulls for Oklahoma in the annual Cotton Bowl collision.

    I hear you regarding “Texas Monthly.” Big production plastic, lovely to look at from a distance, but up close you can see skin being borrowed from the mouth to pay the ears. Still, that’s no reason to commit a mortal sin against the grand ole state of Texas (you are indeed a wicked UTA alumnus)! I assume you don’t go into any redneck bars with a Sooners shirt on…and a copy of “The New Yorker” tucked under your arm ; ) I haven’t read the Siberia piece completely but enough to where it influenced my Clyde River Hardware piece. Good to see wizard boy’s mind’s working as creatively as ever, even as money matters clinked around him ; )

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