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From the oneword prompt, “idol


Paulina, you Estée Lauder queen, you’ve been everywhere I was planning to go before I stopped at five four—Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue.  You’ve done everything I was hoping to do—movies, talk shows, a book, and Ric Ocasek, too, you lucky Bichon, you.  Drive, girl, drive.  And I’ll ride shotgun for you.



Unfinished Paulina Porizkova from an unfinished pastel class I took in 1989.

9 responses to “Idol

  1. Ooh, we’re in for it now: the Duchess be multi-talented. I dig the lush face as much I dig the lush envy. You got it goin’ on, girl, and I don’t believe for a second that you stopped at five-four: we all be in your shadow, chica. What’s that spell? If you ain’t redwood, I know you’re at least madrona.

  2. You have the irrepressible heart of an artist. Your medium is to draw pictures. Be they with a pencil or with words, the images are indelible. I took the missalister eye to be your handy work. You and Yosemite Sam are “fair middling with a pencil” (actually Sam had delusions of grandeur, you have talent).

    Wavelengths and tendrils and such. Watching this video I’m reminded of a strange coincidence. The late Benjamin Orr, singing “Drive”, and I have shortened versions of the same surname, Orzechowski. No, we’re not related.

    And I dig your lushes, how you put them, because life’s a lot to do with how a person puts things, and you are one of the great kings of putting things : ) You may have applied a few too many layers of black gray and Indian red to those shadows and trees—‘bout caused a pastel dust storm—but how can it not sit at least somewhat comfortably on the head of an “approval junky,” that interesting term Drumster revisited the other day? And truly, what about a madrona is there not to like? They’re tall, comely, live in California for free, and when they’re not decked out in pretty flowers, they’re sporting red berries. Besides some manmade hazards, I hear their fussiness is often the death of them, and that sounds about right ; )

    Oh, poo ; ) You know, I think the same about you when I see all the creative things you do in addition to writing. Plays and especially your work with films top my Oooh list. But you know the sadnesses of life and so do I. Drawing like that kicks my ass psychologically. I fought myself and bawled and yelled when I was working on Paulina. It was due for a class is the only reason I got as far as I did. For me, the writing experience is a walk in the park compared : )

    You are ever the sweetest to say : ) The missalister eye is indeed my sketch. There’s a bit about it at the end of my Mind Mourning post. And now you know from my note to Quin that words are much more comfy than pastels to draw with. But I do gotta draw. You put it eloquently : ) And writing only hurts just a little! Bugs Bunny makes it all better, though. God I love that rabbit’s wit and attitude! Now if I’d made him my idol back when… But on the wavelength-and-tendrils scene, we did what we did and we are what we are, and life, like a steamroller, happens. I admire the way Ben Orr managed his life, kept performing to the end. And I loved the surname info. It’s interesting to me how names got changed when families from other countries came to the States. I hear you Orzechowski’s are real nuts ; )

  4. I already knew you had skills girl but this one needed to come out of the closet and get some sun – glad I was wandering by to see it :)

  5. DEE
    LOL! You’ve been taking Paschal 101 ; )
    I’m glad you came by, too : )
    Now, then, you’re a super-sharp sharp-thinker, so I hope you also go by the “Babes is Babes” post and see if you can come up with a hilarious caption for the mannequins photo. If you have time. I know you’re busy getting ready for the new school year : )

    A couple of years back, I dug out all my pastels and for fun tried to do a self portrait, but there was a quality I couldn’t achieve, a technique I’d lost over the years. What a fine excuse to go back to Texas to ask pastel guru Greg Conlin to tell me again what’s what :-D

    I feel the same about “loves” as I do “brilliants” ; )
    I’m pleased you enjoyed it : )

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