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From the prompt, “conditioned


Having been brought up by two psychiatrists, Debra understood Edward’s words, “It’s over, now get lost psycho bitch,” to be merely an automatic, conditioned response that helped him function within his social group.  No man thinking logically would reject one as brilliant and well bred as she.  And so she determined to see the relationship through to the inevitable outcome.



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8 responses to “Conditioned

  1. Haha – Debra needs a little clearer perspective on “psycho” babble LOL Of course in DeeWorld, Debra would slip a little permanent medication in his tiramisu and hand it to him with a calm little smile…

  2. DEE
    At DeeWorld (love it), dirty deeds are done dirt cheap. And now, DeeWorld also offers psychic services!
    (Tiramisu is my favorite desert in all the world!)
    Scary ;-)

  3. Only if Asbury Park were the inevitable outcome. “Brought up by” suggests Ms D (that’s Debra, not our lovely sister Dee) was kept in a Skinner Box by her two loving alienists.

    While we’re at it, sign me up for the Tiramisu Desert tour. It’s my favorite, too. Beats the Sahara any day.

    Asbury Park? For the Skinner Box chick? I don’t think so.
    And how do you know about our Dee? Have you asked her where she was brought up? ; )
    Anyway, we can ask her on the Tiramisu Desert tour… Tiramisu, which sounds so much like the dessert… Gosh, I hope they serve it! (Don’t make me bring up your comment on my post, “The one that got away,” now, Brother!) ;-)

    Oh good heavens, it’s more like an attaché case. It’s just that His Smartness has only made one grammatical error over the course of the Missalister Era. That kind of blare tends to stand out, ya know? And this haved bidness. No one’s fooled. I speak for myself and all your minions when I say, “We love you mishaved.”

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