Oneword: leash

IvanKulekov02a.jpg picture by missalister

Drawing © Ivan Kuleko, writer
Note: The best thing about this silly oneword is finding Ivan Kuleko’s drawings while I was looking for an image to bring meaning to the silliness.

Unleash the dog.  Unchain my heart.  Set them both after the postman.  Knock him down and eat all his fears, just for something unusual to do.  And when it’s all over…

“Will you do the same for me, good sir?”

“Fuck no!  You chased me down, freaked me out, I pissed myself and now I’m behind schedule on my route!”

His fucking schedule…  Shows how quickly fear is replenished, how sustainable it is.  If only it would stop stomachs from rumbling.

IvanKulekov01a.jpg picture by missalister

Drawing © Ivan Kuleko, writer



16 responses to “Oneword: leash

    • Dang, Mr. G, you’re lightning fast on the draw. Best of all, you dropped the mother lode of all compliments. I’m much obliged!

      For those poet types who managed to miss these hot Waits lyrics, it’s worth a look. Filipino Box Spring Hog it’s called. And for the true Waits fan, meaning you can even dig his voice, here’s the studio version.

  1. I’m so glad you’re back out it, back writing. This is just such a fantastic read, lively, full of mischief and damn fine writing, too. When are you coming back to 3WW?

    • I am, so far, and thank you of all people, Thom! You’re always at it in a big way, your ideas in a constant flow and stir. And the funny thing is, I looked at acrid, bane, and tepid last week and it spawned a story idea that I laid out, but got sidetracked from. But it has promise and will definitely show up somewhere sometime : )

    • Oh Dee, you are too sexy for your earrings, too sweet for your coffee and you make mush of the postman. Makes me wonder what on earth you will do with Kulekov ; ) Thank you for showing up for this bug on the windscreen of life :-D

    • The cat drug me in and left me on the doormat for its God to see. Fifteen days worse for the wear, I’m ever puzzled by the paradox of life and awakened by this lovely comment : )

    • Unleashing a hidden and unheard of talent. Well, it sounds like a great idea…

      Let’s do it!

      …so where do we begin?

  2. In the words of someone wiser than I, “…the only thing to fear is…. more fear”. Lots of contemplation in that One Word spew! Dig it.

    BTW, I was only half truthful about being on the beach. I was on the beach. Just basking in the light of the Adder Suns. It’s been a shit month, Alicat. But I did manage to produce “One Minute of Joy”.

  3. On a totally unrelated note, but somehow related to the canines, I got reminded of an amusing line from Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. It said: “The night, full of fine rain, smells like a wet dog”. I found that hilarious. I wonder why we always use dogs for metaphors. Maybe they form the finest in the metaphoric breed. :P

    How have you been? Its been a while – I enjoyed an extended 3 week long vacation in the US recently :)

    • I like that Pynchon line. I know the smell well like anyone else. And then there’s that other rainy night smell, that godawful drowned-earthworm-on-pavement smell. In the northeast part of the States that is. I dunno, maybe you smelled it in VA and SC and TN on your cool trip. I read all about it on your site a bit ago and of course I’ve unleashed a comment there. Heh. Yeah, it has been awhile, but I’m always glad to see you when you touch ground here. Back to the Pychon quote, dogs can indeed always be counted on to provide a good analogy. Seems most dogs, as a rule, can always be counted on, period. Maybe it’s as simple as that ; )

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