NOTE: Been having a love affair with Oneword lately.  In case you’re interested in the latest dirt.  I think I pissed Oneword off today, though, used the MF word…  So here I am out by the doghouse, pooping in the yard… 

Understood.jpg picture by missalister

(AP Photo) Byline: Musadeq Sadeq
‘That ain’t what was understood, Motherfucker!’ Barclay yelled at Phillips.  He strained against the cops’ hold.  The veins in his neck bulged like a bull god.  Phillips feigned surprise, looked at the cops and shrugged.  The cops manhandled Barclay out the 7-11 to the cruiser.  Phillips sauntered down the street away from the scene, tried to make himself feel better, ‘Ain’t my fault he misread the no go signal…’

14 responses to “Oneword:[mis]Understood

    • Sparkle, is that what you call it? Well alright. And, being the first commenter, you know you get the door prize, the same one I’ve always held out to all first commenters since I started this mess at the beginning of 2008: my undying appreciation. Heh. Congratulations!

  1. you go girl! — just be careful where you’re pooping out by that doghouse – i’m sure you’ve heard it said that we all have to sit in our own shit if we do the deed — at any rate you are no where near being a ditch pig for whatever that’s worth — as usual i am envious of your great imagination and so enjoyed this post — from one who’s creativity has gone astray – danni

    • Aw, danni, I’m sorry you have to put up with this small-time shit ; ) I had to do psychological weights and balances on my whole deal, and I justify this Oneword stint by saying Well, it’s good for imagination-building. I’ve got two good story shells need filling in… All in time, all in time, all in… Ohhh, just like your errant creativity will eventually come ‘round like the prodigal son : D

  2. lighten up with the the whips on yourself kiddo – never no need to apologize cuz i look forward to everything i get to read from you — and thanks for the encouragement – danni

    • Alright, alright ; ) Childhood Conditioning’s a wicked taskmaster you know, but at the end of the whipping I’m always thankful you enjoy coming ’round…

      And since you don’t mind a little encouragement, you could always hang out at Oneword with me. I gotta write some little thing, and truly, it is sharpening up my imagination : )

    • Most assuredly it was necessary! And it turns out I didn’t piss Oneword off. Got an answer to my query about policy. It told it like it was with humor, “…sometimes nothing gets the motherfucking point across better than a good ol’ MF,” but they gotta divert the malicious stuff. Completely understandable. So me and Oneword, we’re back tight ; )

      About the workings of it: you type like mad for 60 seconds about whatever the word of the day triggers in your head, and when the bell goes off you wrap up your thoughts, go back and clean up the mess you made, and submit it if you want to.

      If you do submit, it goes into a vast pool probably only a few folks ever read. If you’re a fence-sitter like me, and you like a nice balance of anonymity and recognition, you can join Oneword and hobnob on a lighter duty level than blogging hobnobbing. Heh. Bet you can’t wait to rush over there :-D

  3. Hmmm Phillips was smart – sauntering away from the cops, always a good idea. Veins bulged like a bull god? That I would like to see! I think it’s hilarious that you may have pissed off OneWord LOL and totally wonderful if it made you come back home and post. I’ve been digging holes and burying shit all summer so my yard is looking mighty ragged right now. That said – if you are looking for inspiration go to my blog and look under Prompts in the sidebar. I have and continue to try to amass any and all prompt sites as well as posting the prompt of the day from the book “A Writer’s Book of Days”. Not that it has helped me lately. I look forward to going back to work. I always seem to write better pissed.

    • And if Phillips is really smart, he’ll be long gone when the bull god gets outta jail! I loved that bull god thing, too, came to me from a Kid Rock song I used to play at dangerous decibels: “…I’m so greasy you can call me mud; And I feel a little Hank runnin’ through my blood…Cause I am the bullgod, you understand; the illegitimate son of man…” What a picture, eh?

      Kinda like the picture I conjured of your yard… Since shit can also mean stuff, I’m liking the one where you’re burying your great grandmother’s fancy wooden box of silver and other valuables out back, doin’ it by moonlight, sweatin’ and lookin’ around…

      Soooo, now I’ve provided some more shit for you to bury! And I’ll be over to your blog back yard later on to snoop around, inspect it for valuable inspiration. First, I’m gonna work up to being supremely pissed off, ‘cause you’re right about that!

  4. Motherfucker is but one word, isn’t it? Funny phrase, bull god. Idol worship? King of crap? Strong image and yet so open ended… Well, I enjoyed this One Word/One Minute of Joy. Sixty seconds and you still manage to conjure strong characterizations. You conjurer, you.

    • Oneword / motherfucker. Heh. I do love irony, almost as much as I love futility. I would stuff the two of them in one bag, but for the fact that irony does serve a literary purpose.

      Another thing I do love is getting a scene in my head down on ‘paper’ the best way possible, so I’m pleased you enjoyed this one minute episode. Your One Minute of Joy did ultimately inspire me to it, after all.

      Funny thing is, in addition to the whole bull god business—which I figure you must know, being a Taurus and all—is how the names Barclay and Phillips showed up. About a day or so ago I’d read Alex Barclay’s list of top ten psychological thrillers, and one of them was a Scott Phillips novel…

      Further scary proof that everything we take in manifests itself somehow, some way. Neoocortical conjuring maybe?

      • Neocorrtical Conjuring? Can we call that Neoconning? Naw, prolly not. Yes, I admit I am full o’ the bull for sure. And proud of it, too! I’m glad the One Minute thing has pushed your buttons to push some buttons on your ‘puter. I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

        • Oh go ahead, call it that. I like it well enough. I sure do especially like that you’re having fun with this mixed bag of onewords. I thought about your One Minute of Joy, about how I need to do that, write something every day… ‘Practicing the serve’ is what my man calls it. Y’all are right on!

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