Human gods – Intermission entertainment (last chance to get popcorn before the final Part 3)


Calvin & Hobbes, 06/27/89, by Bill Watterson


Unfortunately it seems that it’s hard for us to find contentment inside ourselves so we always seek for something extra, be it a partner, things, religion, philosophy… Only to be disillusioned when we find out that it all has to start inside ourselves before anything else works. This is an archetype, we’ve been doing it since we were created as a species and we’ll keep doing it forever. Everyone has to go through the same process…  Devil Mood



Devil Mood’s right.  We don’t need to be unnecessarily confused about ourselves in this respect, we just need to know a little psychology.  Psychology is the Human Operation Manual (HOM) that whatever created us failed to supply.  Can you imagine with every baby born, just like the bags of guts with the turkeys, would be a sealed bag with an instruction manual?  That’d be awesome I’m thinking…


But then I’m sure there’d be those times when a kid would be born without a manual, like the rare times we bring a newly purchased gadget home only to find that the manual’s missing…not that we ever want to actually use the manual.  We all know the manual is the last thing you turn to.  You have to be desperate, at your wits end.  But I’d guess that most people still like to know the manual is there to be deciphered if checking the internet, calling friends in the know, and random button-pushing and manhandling fails…


Never mind.  I figured it out.  That’s why whatever created us didn’t include a sealed bag with a HOM in it when we were born, because our parents wouldn’t have read it anyway.  Because what they couldn’t have figured out themselves, they would have looked up on the internet, or called their friends about.  Because, as humans we don’t want to read manuals so we don’t.  Whatever created us didn’t bother supplying HOMs because we were each built off a basic non-manual reading format.


For those individuals with the manual-reading service pack installed—those rare ones who get a thrill out of reading manuals, those who like just knowing there’s a manual there, or those staunch rule-followers who were conditioned early on by their parents, who were in turn taught by their parents who were just winging it, to always follow the rules—for those types, the HOM has had to be written by the Freuds and the Jungs and the Spocks of the world. 


The rest of us, probably the majority, who don’t want anything to do with manuals, will probably not want anything to do with getting weighed down by psychological mumbo-jumbo either.  I know I don’t.  So there you have it.  Back to square one.  The circle of futility has been completed on this topic…although as Devil Mood implied, we’ll keep asking the same questions over and over anyway.




Any profound thoughts before we hit the home stretch?






10 responses to “Human gods – Intermission entertainment (last chance to get popcorn before the final Part 3)

  1. Yup, back to square one, but that seems to be the way we work. Imagine if anyone ever went beyond that, someone broke the cycle and actually evolved into a superior species. That sounds odd but I believe that this happens. That perhaps we are evolving as a species in terms of our collective unconscious and that might introduce different challenges for the future and not just the old cycle of seeking and finding/not finding and getting back to square 1.
    I’m confusing, aren’t I?

  2. A great piece – but my surprise! I took you for a manual addict, one seeking the certainty of rules and the comfort of conclusions. Why else the great respect for those efficient and proficient masters you speak of? Devil Mood is right about our wanting to find contentment in ourselves- but is it really in ourselves to find? Is it not in our relationships in the world, our value to others that we value ourselves? Do we not have to ‘do’ in order to ‘be’, ‘hold’ in order to ‘have’, and love before we can feel lovable? just a thought.

  3. Devil Mood: I love your comments! And no, you’re not confusing at all. I mean, you probably would have been if I hadn’t been reading Joe Dispenza’s “Evolve Your Brain…” which addresses evolution. Here’s a snippet: “…It is true that a lot of human behavior is genetically preset. All life forms are preordained to be what they genetically express, and we must agree that a lot of who we are as human beings is predetermined by our genes. Yet we are not condemned to live out our existence without contributing some form of an evolutionary gift to future generations. We can add to our species’ progress here on earth because unlike other species, we theoretically have the hardware to evolve our actions in one lifetime. The new behaviors we demonstrate will provide new experiences that should be encoded in our genes—both for now and for posterity…”

    Objectivity, my dear Bass! Where amongst the turkey guts did you see a statement of my preference regarding manuals? Hmm? Your instinct was correct, though. I have the manual service pack installed and am one who likes knowing the manual is there to be consulted if absolutely everything else fails. ;-)
    I was glad for your just-a-thought. Thank you as always :-) Anything that shifts thought, that causes me to examine my thoughts—so I don’t get stuck too awfully deeply in blindness, hypocrisy—is a good thing! I really do think we can find contentment inside ourselves. And for most of us, I think it’s found through the exhausting process of looking outside first. I think in the devastating letdowns to be found in relationships, in our work as a gauge of our value, in constantly doing, grasping, scrambling to achieve and attain, we eventually crash up against ourselves, are forced to look within because there’s nowhere else to turn.

    J9: Good. Then I’ll always tell you what I think! ;-)

  4. Devil: LOL! It seems to me, from all your comments on your site and others’ sites, that you’re in tune with most everyone in your world! Must be the Sagittarian open-minded adventurousness that keeps you energetically orbiting your realm, and your intuitiveness takes care of the rest! ;-) So you already know the Dispenza book is morning material for sure, when the brain is smoking hot off a coffee high! :-D

  5. Devil mood is wise. I always tell her she is like a little sister, but really, she is like a big sister.
    I don’t have time to go through manuals. Plus, sometimes people’s manuals cannot be deciphered. Waste of time.

  6. Awww, you two…
    Enough already ;)
    You have a point about the intuitiveness, Ms.Alister, but I need to keep reminding myself that I do not know everything, even though I may feel that everything is connected and that understanding the logic makes it easier to grasp everything else. Not true! (Is it?) Well, I have my doubts…
    Yes, morning material because at night I need something as easy as peas to rest my head…lol

  7. Chloe: you write the human gods’ honest truth in both respects!

    Devil Mood: you’re precious! You just get done telling us “Enough already” and then you go and spout off some more wisdom “…everything is connected and that understanding the logic makes it easier to grasp everything else.” YES, true! No one knows everything knowledge-wise but I believe we have the capability to know everything intuition-wise…know what I mean?
    And too cute the expression “easy as peas!” I love it!

    Thank you both for adding some spice to this site! :-)

  8. Yes, I know what you mean with the intuition thing :)
    I tried really hard to remember that expression, I think a portuguese equivalent would say “it’s like chickensoup!” – now that’s even stranger!

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