The Potentiality of A to Z #atozchallenge Reveal

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Credit for this fabulous image goes to Jonathan Rosenbaum


Ladies and Gents, prepare yourselves for an amazing journey via a 26-part magic trick to commence on 1 April 2014 and to conclude on 30 April 2014.

For my first trick, I will take in hand a copy of The Collins Concise* and close my eyes. I will riffle through the A section and randomly, with my fingertip, stab a spot on a page. I will open my eyes, regard the placement of my fingertip, note the word closest to it, and write whatever comes to me in the Moment of Meant to Be.** And you, the audience, are encouraged to record what predominant meaning the sum of those words strikes in your heart.

Then, for every trick after that, from B to Z, you may do the same. And when I have pulled from the hat the essence of the random word of Z, and you have pondered its significance, you may allow the accumulative magic of all tricks A-Z to reveal to you your fortune.

And unlike the Copperfield magic trick below, which is based on deep mathematics and the power of suggestion, this A-Z trick is based on the suggestion of the power of your own potentiality.

To magic, then: Cheers!


A-Z Reveal Badge photo A-Z_RevealBadge.jpg

* The Collins Concise Dictionary Of The English Language, Second Edition 1988, Collins – London and Glasgow

**the Moment Of Meant To Be is the instant of lucidness that arises from the contemplation of any given thing and subsequently reveals the essence of it. These Moments will be dashed off in paragraphs of 200 words or less and may be dark or shining, delirious or rational, but each paragraph will stir thoughts and feelings that lead to a meaning unique to you.


36 responses to “The Potentiality of A to Z #atozchallenge Reveal

    • I’m so psyched for it! Got my Zen head booting up, my magician’s cape on and I’m sitting atop a toadstool with my fingers wrapped round a divining rod : D

    • Perfume, yes! And words are also like drugs, so let’s hope the party doesn’t get out of hand and the cops have to come : D

    • Excellent, Ms Words! Say, this A to Z challenge seems right up your alley, you might want to particip— Yes, yes, I said the same thing, but this event looks to be such an empowering one, I’ll manufacture time if I have to!

      • Too funny – the inspirational quote in my in-box I just read advises “Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’ — Lao-Tzu. Hmmm…

        • Amazing, the way the universe works!

          Love that Lao Tzu quote. Freeing up time to accomplish the most important things. Sounds simple. But not so for Miss Alister, CoD (Doctor of Complication) ;-)

      • Phew… I read the fine print, and I can be excused… I’m away, without internet access from 18 to 27 April. I’ll make up for it by diligently attending to your offerings ;)

        • Perhaps next year, my dear! Yes, you can live vicariously through me from A to Z and see how you like it :-D

    • I know this is hard to believe, but the absence of cheese was considerable, as my wine pointed out… I did have a divine grilled halloumi salad the day before, though, so perhaps I was running on residual cheese!

    • Thank you, Vidya! I expect a few toads amongst the sleek, white rabbits, but I suppose there’s as much, if not more, to be learned from toads… : )

    • They simply must be dazzling, I’ve stood before the Fairy Council and insisted that they be! …although I’m not sure if the Council was giving me their undivided attention…and I may have heard a snigger…or two…

    • Thank you so much Elle, I look forward to seeing you in the audience! And I hope the gods of magic prevail positively throughout April—they can be temperamental, you know—such that all are amused, if not enlightened, and, if not, certainly there will be virtual cookies and punch (spiked and un) served after the program : )

  1. The Moment of Meant to Be….I think I’m finally learning to live there. =D It’ll be fun to see what it looks like to you. I am, in a word, fascinated. Enough so that that may be my plan next year, rather than the flash fiction I’ve done last year and am allowing to be born for this year…

    As a little girl, I kissed toads every chance I could, right on their delightful little toady heads.

    Following, and returning!

    • Oh lovely! You actually live there? Full-time? Seriously? I am positively green! I only visit and never long enough to send a postcard to prove I’ve been there. So here’s my chance to post from the zone and I’m so pleased you’ll be along! We’ll get along splendidly, for you may gladly kiss all the toads that hop from the hat and I will cuddle all the rabbits : )

    • Thank you, Jemima! Amazing, yes, well I’ll give it my best. I am an amateur, after all, and hope all the practice effecting smoke and wrangling with mirrors will pay off. I’ll be aiming to pull rabbits from the hat, but will be just as pleased should my incantations produce guinea pigs : )

  2. This sounds magical… and wonderful!
    I’m looking forward to being thoroughly entertained!

    My theme is “If Books Could Speak, What Would They Say” and is guaranteed to be LOTS OF FUN! It is interactive, and bloggers are invited to play along!
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!
    Writer In Transit

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting! I always hope to entertain, but especially hope for this A to Z quest to be enlightening all around, as in I will be participating as well, charting my own reactions to what comes from each word plucked from the almighty Collins Concise, and seeing what it all means to me at the end!

    • Ah, Little Princess, thank you for visiting my magic kingdom… Well, how magic it actually is remains to be seen! Here’s to a fun time regardless : )

  3. Ordered chaos and randomness is a great way to go!
    I am the same Blooming Psycho who is one of the fiends behind the Debauched DNA of the Hicks-Wylie Family blog. Thank you for stopping by our twisted little corner of the Universe!

    • My pleasure. And your first line here? You nailed it straight on, dead center. Most refreshing. Was just in the middle of the first A to Z verbiage to do with the magic wand as double rod pendulum…nothing boring, mind you : )

  4. That’s a fun way to get through the alphabet. I am pretty sure we all write from the Moment of Meant to Be whether we want to or not – good that you gave it a name. I will follow you now so I have a hope of finding you in the list of nearly 2000 participants.

    After I pre-wrote about twenty very short posts on the business of writing, it occurred to me that I should have done posts on Edgar Allan Poe. (Vincent Price is laughing maniacally in my head.) Maybe next year . . . or next month just because it should be done.

    • Mr Price? Oh yes, well, he would wouldn’t he, being all brainy and practically British! Never mind. I look forward to the Poe study whenever you arrive at it. And then you can do Kafka! Aha, that’s devilish to say, I know!

      OK, regarding the following biz: I’ve made a list for sites I want to visit during A to Z; however, I did try to join your 246-strong site (you go!) for good measure, but my p/w wasn’t accepted… Mañana, then… And I agree, I think all good writing comes from the MOMTB, aka the ether : )

    • Thanks, Yolanda. The idea is interesting enough, but most of the work is up to the readers (all I have to do is see a word and rattle off thoughts that come to mind) and, until I got full into A to Z, I didn’t realize how much work is required of every participant just tending to their own affairs! Well at least there will be some quirky paragraphs to read here!

    • Good to see you, Lady Jai. Hype is my specialty, but how the rubber actually hits the road, well that’s for the prototype engineers to work out. In short: expect anything and nothing, both : D

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