SS#122 – Do I have to?


No one has to do anything.  No one forces us to get out of bed in the morning to go to work.  We might get out of bed and go to work each day because we choose not to live on a park bench in the summer or in a box under a bridge in the winter.  We may choose to go to work because we don’t want our parents or some other significant persons in our lives to think badly of us, that we’re lazy, no-account folks.


Maybe some of the choices we make to satisfy one area of our lives conflicts with another area.  Maybe the type of work we’ve chosen to make money so we won’t have to live under a bridge dictates doing things we resent doing.  Maybe the religious order we’ve chosen for a majority of reasons is dictating a few minority things that we just don’t fully agree with, don’t want to do.


Whatever it is, it’s always about choices, never about have-tos. 


Our lives are huge balls of yarn.  Some of us have the time or the smarts or the skill to keep our balls of yarn tidy.  Many of us, we unwind a few feet of yarn from the ball with the intention to wind it better or tighter, then the phone rings and we have to take some prints over to the warehouse and go over them with the civil engineer and when we get back to the ball, the yarn’s all tangled.  We’ve pulled it with us out to the car and all the way to Apollo and International and back.


“No matter,” we say, as we begin working on rewinding the yarn.  Then the boss calls an impromptu meeting, so we stop and rush to conference room C2300 with our Franklin Planners and coffee.  There’s a lot going on in Salt Lake City.  Who would have guessed?  We get assigned to a big project.  We get back to our desk and there’s the ball of yarn a lot smaller now, with more looping, loose yarn than wound yarn.  Now it’s been across town and back, to the conference room and back, and it’s headed for Salt Lake City.  It’s out of hand.


I say I don’t like unwound yarn.  I say I didn’t choose it.  But I had to have chosen it.  I don’t see anyone else in here.



I’ve got my coconuts and I’m ready to ride.  Be back in a month or so.




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The above is part of Sunday Scribblings prompt “#122 – Do I have to?”  Click here for more on prompt #122 from other Sunday Scribblings participants.

9 responses to “SS#122 – Do I have to?

  1. Great post. I really try to notice whenever I say I “have to” do something, and see what is the choice I’m making. It’s so much easier to do something wholeheartedly when I’ve chosen it rather than thinking I “have to” do it.
    I love the ball of yarn metaphor. I’m playing with it in my mind! Thank you.
    Enjoy your travels. Clop-clop, clop-clop.

  2. i’m not sure what my yarn looks like. but i liked what you wrote. and i hope we all have another ball of yarn in the drawer to start over when the other one is a mess.
    have fun!

  3. ah, its the perpetual battle of the mind – to reckon with the one thought that seems to believe that it is we who make the choice, and the other, that seems to think that well, there are only SOME choices that are presented to us, and then there is one that we must be inevtiably make, and so…

    well well, be back soon, and spin us more of your fantastic yarn ;)

  4. So I’ll assume that you’d left by the time I was typing this out, and now that you’re reading it, you’re back.

    So welcome back, missA. It’s been a little less interesting around here, but I’m glad you didn’t let our pleading and begging you not to go deter you from your goal: getting that darn yarn back into some order and making that small ball what it once was.

    I take it you’ve done it. At least as much as could be done in a month or so by anyone with a lovely bunch of coconuts, if not more. How much yarn is left to untangle? Or have you got it all?

    So many questions I have for you, missA.

    Meanwhile, I try the unthinkable task for any man in this day and age, or any day and age that any man has existed in, that of multi-tasking. Will I? Won’t I? Or will I be left to Wonder at the Woman who does it so much better than I? Only time will tell. And once I pass that check-point, so will I, to the rat within the grain.

  5. oh, i did like this! one of the best things about joining something like sunday scribblings, is being able to discover the work of really talented people… which is why i did it, to read and learn from those who understand the power of a word.

  6. I know it’s way after the fact, folks, but I’m in the mood:

    Imelda: Amen, Sister. And one day you’ll have to tell me if toying with the ball of yarn tangled your brains or if you’re one of the skilled yarn-handlers! I wouldn’t say I enjoyed my SLC clopping, but I certainly would say I could walk a three-mile fiber optic cable route along W 500 S St blindfolded. And that’s gotta count for something I figure.

    Paschal: I will, rather, I did, ’cause even I can see it’s the only way to go! ;-)

    danni, my dear, you’re down three SS prompts now and now I’m missing you something fierce. I hope to see you back here soon.

    Aw, Ms. Mood, you’re the sweetest blogger I know.

    Ah! Chloe! Good to see you on this site again. I hope you’re right about the spare ;-)

    Hey there, Bum! Free will feels so gosh-darned real I always forget the real deal! ;-)

    I adored your note, Void. You’re one Grade-A dude. The yarn is still out of hand, it’s just that I’m looking at it differently, as in it can unwind its way to Hell’s half acre and come back scorched and stinking of burnt hair and it would make no never mind to me. Come back and give me an update on your side of the wonder woman and the rat story, will you?

    Well, well, well, if it ain’t one of SS’s biggest jackpots, quin browne! I am beyond honored…puzzled that you like this yadda-yadda piece, but blushing nevertheless. Welcome, big time, and I hope you visit again :-)

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