Sunday Scribblings – The inner guide dunnit

Attorney Eron Psykhe, foreground, and client Gene Daimon


New York, NY (MAP) June 16, 2008 – Just when you thought things couldn’t get stranger, materialism meets myth, corporate disaster meets the soul’s code, Normand Myers meets his match.


Myers, 43, who was convicted last year of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in Millenius Communications’ $9 billion accounting scandal, has filed a negligence suit against his Inner Guide, Gene Daimon, of Acorn Theoretics, Inc.


The suit charges that Daimon urged Myers, then CEO of Millenius, to make the decision to stop at nothing to keep Millenius’ performance in line with Wall Street analysts’ estimates, even if it meant reporting expenses as capital, which he did, subsequently leading to Millenius’ ruin as well as his own.


Jones Behrand, Myers’ attorney, said, “The Inner Guide has a contractual duty to best serve the interests of its human client.  And Mr. Myers feels that Mr. Daimon, who was acting on his behalf in that capacity, failed to meet that duty by inspiring the decision to falsify accounting.   Mr. Myers feels betrayed, and rightly so.”


Myers’ downhill slide began in 2004 with a request from the SEC regarding Millenius’ accounting procedures.  Shortly thereafter, with Moody’s and S&P cutting Millenius’ short- and long-term credit rating and Millenius’ shares on the brink of plummeting, Myers was forced to resign as CEO.


Myers was indicted in 2007 and had no recourse but to attempt painting himself in a better light prior to his trial by agreeing to forfeit nearly all of his personal assets, totaling roughly $50 million, to settle a civil suit filed by investors.


Now Myers’ bad ride has bottomed out.  He’s fresh off failure to see his conviction appealed, he’s scheduled to report to a federal prison in Mississippi on August 26th, and he’s practically penniless.


“This negligence suit of Myers’ is clearly a move to build himself a little cushion to land on when he gets out of prison,” said Vincent Scorsazza, attorney of former Millenius CFO, Ross Masseu, who was lightly sentenced last year due to a plea agreement.  “If [Myers’] good health prevails, he’ll have some good years ahead of him after he’s released.”


Myers is seeking $1.1 billion in damages against Acorn Theoretics, Inc. for financial losses, defamation, and emotional distress due to the alleged gross negligence, mismanagement, and fraudulent acts of Gene Daimon.  But Eron Psykhe, Daimon’s attorney is utterly unphased, “This is a case of the clashing of two worlds, human and spiritual, and the former can’t harm the latter.”


Asked to elaborate, Psykhe said, “The contract with Myers is straightforward and Daimon and Acorn have not failed to meet their duty.”  He paused and added, “It’s a common misconception that Inner Guides always lead their human clients to good.  Inner Guides lead their humans to whatever destiny they have chosen for themselves before coming to earth, whatever they have come to this planet to experience to aid their progression in the spiritual realm.”


Why then, you might ask, if Daimon and Acorn Theoretics have that kind of power, would they allow this scenario to get this far, to the point of a lawsuit?   Psykhe smiled and said, “This is all part of what Mr. Myers wanted to experience.”







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14 responses to “Sunday Scribblings – The inner guide dunnit

  1. free-will is a bitch!!! — another original interesting perspective — your muse must be like a hamster running on its wheel, everything is always so fresh and original — love it!!!

  2. LOL! Amen, Sister! Especially the “free” part. Wazzup with that??? You head out the door with the sole intention of going to the bank and instead you get a flat tire and end up at the service station and when you get out of there the bank is closed. Who’s driving that bus, eh??? ;-) Anyway, danni, I’m so glad you enjoyed this week’s hamster poop! LOL! Ooh, and you get the first-through-the-door prize of undying appreciation this week. Hey now, how ‘bout that? ;-) I’ll be sneaking in the back door this week to see what you and all the other Scribblers have in the way of guides. Ciao for now, my friend!

  3. The Divine Miss M! Good to see you! :-D
    When the Psykhe idea popped into my mind I thought it was clever, but I found something cleverer—probably cleverer because it’s real, it’s brilliantly relevant to humanity—at Ian Russell’s place. Check it out if you get the chance.

  4. Chica, you gotta bodacious flair for naming, and for creating these Cornell box-worthy slices of hermetically sealed, oh so realistic non-realities. You done Herrs Hesse and Jung proud with this name menagerie, and with that saucy take on misconceived inner guide-ism. I’d say you be one nimble-footed guy-dancer.

    Apropos of your past life as an Oneidan, I trust you mean the cutlery folk or the town and not the 19th century communers themselves. Things is whirling enough in your life it seems, without throwing “complex marriage” into the mix. But then your last Scribble just might have been a bit of a-musing complex marriage in itself.

    Rock on.

  5. Well, missy, there’s an old saying back where I come from, ‘you can take the boy out of the piney wood, but you can’t take the piney out of the boy.’ Now after reading your article I think I know why …and to think I used to blame my Daddy!

  6. SHG: goodness no! Dude’s a real live dirtbag!

    Ooh, Paschal, you pushed me past the outskirts of Vanityville with the Cornell Box thing! Now I’m struttin’ ‘round here like a summa cum laude banty rooster! I’m so ‘noxious ain’t no one kin stand me no mo! Because when I went to college, my allowance was so pitiful I was forced to become a scrapping, backsliding Oneidan Cutlerist. Every time I’d go to the grocery store, I’d chalk up more points toward tableware, plus I stood to gain a free 12-pack of Keystone Light if the checkout clerk didn’t notice it lying inconspicuously on the bottom rack of the grocery cart. And even on the rare occasion the clerks there were with the program enough to notice, that beer was so cheap and it just meant more points toward tableware. And that, my friend, is not a non-reality!

    Don: Ah! the cool dude from Boston! Hi! According to me, you already have one of those handy inner guides! Yup, internal, like software, no USB port required, it resides within you. It’s working right now leading you where you’re destined to go. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. We know you have a choice when you fly and we thank you for choosing MissAlister Air :-D

    Bass: LOL! Nope, the pine needles pricking your collective identity and awareness of self are not of your dad’s doing…well, he helped get you here, but thanks to the association fallacy, the red herring, he can’t be convicted thusly ;-)

  7. You have quite the imagination, no? You’ve so many stories missA; I’m in awe. Do you write for a living? Do you have a book out, or some movie script we’re all unaware of?

  8. Dharmabum! Void! I haven’t seen the two of you around here in ages! I admit to pouting over that ;-)

    Bum, thank you for your encouragement! I eat it like candy and appreciate it like crazy.

    Void, thank you as well. No books or scripts. I’ve romanticized writing for a living, and although I know very well that every single line of work has at least one downside, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing what it would be like to earn my keep that way :-)

  9. well yes, missA, i admit to neglecting the blog world, the real world seems to be getting a little demanding off late ;)

    how have you been?

  10. Hi Bum! I have been like you: less time here, more time there! The professional life cracks the whip, says, “Jump!” And the proper response is “Certainly. How high?” And maybe I am not independently wealthy because I am the high jump queen or maybe it’s the other way around! Either way, I guess this is what I wanted to experience! ;-)

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