the south of Y

Image of Juliet Berto, credit Jonathan Rosenbaum

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the twenty-fifth of twenty-six interactive magic tricks that will lead you to your fortune as you determine it.

As per the 21 March intro to this magic act, my assistant, Juliet Berto, handed me the Collins Concise* and blindfold me, whereupon I randomly riffled through the Y’s and landed my fingertip randomly on a page. And when Juliet removed the blindfold, a-to-z_directionsthere was no doubt: my fingertip was squarely on “Yankee,” thankfully, because I know all about them.

And while Juliet was offstage conjuring the banner you see at the top of this post, I wildly jotted down the paragraph below in the Moment Of Meant To Be.** Now, the rest of this trick is up to you, Ladies and Gents, as per “The Magic Made Easy Directions” sidebar to the right.



From the frozen north to the sexy south where everyone is filthy pretty, I came reeking of rain clouds over mountains with green pastures below, but with the hard R’s and short A’s, I realized it was ridiculous… The seagulls laughed, the waves crashed and I collected scenes down Gulf Boulevard from Clearwater to Madeira Beach, windows down, a can of Bud in my hand, and some guy from Kentucky calling me darlin’. Georgia’s got its own of all that, plus enough rain to keep the lakes full and the kudzu green, so striking against the red dirt, but Hotlanta left me cold. The Big Easy, on the other hand, well it’s good I had a job to show up at, else I’d’ve stayed and got into a load of trouble. And good ol’ Texas, beloved Texas, it took me in, made me its own for so many years it’s still my home, by way of a heartstring stretched clean down to it from Yankeeland.


Share your predominant thought with the audience or keep it a secret. As always, it’s entirely up to you.

Until next time, look for the magic and you will find it!




The Grand Reveal – 21 March 2014
Trick A – Albanian – 1 April 2014
Trick B – Black Forest – 2 April 2014
Trick C – Claw – 3 April 2014
Trick D – Docket – 4 April 2014
Trick E – Endanger – 5 April 2014
Trick F – Finicky – 7 April 2014
Trick G – Grave – 8 April 2014
Trick H – Harvester – 9 April 2014
Trick I – Inevitable – 10 April 2014
Trick J – Jukebox – 11 April 2014
Trick K – Keyhole – 12 April 2014
Trick L – Liberal Arts – 14 April 2014
Trick M – Masking Tape – 15 April 2014
Trick N – Nonce – 16 April 2014
Trick O – Occult – 17 April 2014
Trick P – Poultice – 18 April 2014
Trick Q – Quotient – 19 April 2014
Trick R – Relegate – 21 April 2014
Trick S – Snag – 22 April 2014
Trick T – Thermos – 23 April 2014
Trick U – Upbringing – 24 April 2014
Trick V – Vernacular – 25 April 2014
Trick W – Wake – 26 April 2014
Trick X – Xylophone – 28 April 2014


* The Collins Concise Dictionary Of The English Language, Second Edition 1988, Collins – London and Glasgow

**the Moment Of Meant To Be is the instant of lucidness that arises from the contemplation of any given thing and subsequently reveals the essence of it. These Moments will be dashed off in paragraphs of 200 words or less and may be dark or shining, delirious or rational, but each paragraph will stir thoughts and feelings that lead to a meaning unique to you.

8 responses to “the south of Y

  1. How did it take me until the letter Y to find your blog! Very cool theme for the A to Z Challenge – I will have to go back and re-read your posts so that I can divine my fortune! :D

    • Oh mercy! Just back from a flash of a trip to your blog and I wonder the same thing. Logically, we know the answer (there are over two thousand participants) but instinctively… That’s for another day. I’m so much looking forward to going back over your Ladies I Love posts!

    • Thanks, Sonia. And I’ve just been to your site – love it! left a comment – will have to go back over your A2Z’s as time permits!

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