Remember Me Thursday

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Green note: surprise, surprise, yes, well I’ve been at the big top watching death dance round life below a troupe of lesser dark entities descending on ropes of fire, all while working my ass off as God sleeps late.

If anyone has deduced from my dark words and unsociable behaviour that I may be a misanthrope and therefore likely to be one of those animal fanatics, their line of thinking would maybe be an inch in the right direction. From there it branches off and tapers to hermit type who gets silly over animals in general, dogs in particular.

Dogs all have the ultimate fashion sense—at least I’ve not seen a fur type, length or pattern that I didn’t fancy—and for the most part they are peace-loving team players. I cohabited with a model member of the dog family for many good years and oddly, from that experience I learned more about how to treat my fellow humans than I’ve learned from humans, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, it left me with a monumental soft spot for domestic animals, especially shelter pets, so I’m all for any cause that aims to alleviate their plight. And a rare coincidence is in effect: I happen to be in the WordPress neighbourhood (if you believe that…) and it happens to be Remember Me Thursday.

Remember me Thursday, a day to consider all the shelter pets who never got a chance to have a good home and all those who still have that chance. There are many ways to participate for the gadabout on down to the hermit. Naturally, I’ll light a virtual candle from the safety of my office.  And tweet of course.  #LightForPets

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6 responses to “Remember Me Thursday

    • Oh how awesome to see you, Drumster! SOC, right, a little salsa verde to liven up the do-gooder dish. Back would be nice… Back is so illusory, though… I do plan to do some remodling here and there’s always that mark that must be made…

  1. I have an affection for furry-ones of any persuasion, and have a few dog shaped paw prints on my soul. Good to see you popping in for a good cause :)

    • This too is amazing, seeing you here EllaDee! Dogs are definitely cool : ) Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope the cobwebs didn’t put you off. Now I must go see what you’ve been up to…

  2. Hellooooooo! So great to see you in the wordpress neighbourhood!
    Man, I miss these joints (aka blogs)!

    Aww dogs and their fashion sense (so true!), love them. Having been a dog owner for a great chunk of my life, I am now a cat …not owner, more like a cat victim. Oh you can’t own a cat…

    Take care, my friend :)

    • Indeed. Yes, Kitty, your wish is my command!
      Hey Ms Mood, it is just too good to see you, I can barely stand it, don’t know how to act!
      But I will take care, as you wish…
      And get you a puppy! Too right :-D

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