Too late

Note:  The nerves in the dog’s legs are firing in order of running in his sleep.  I hear a growl coming from his throat.  And then a closed-mouthed bark.  He’ll win.  Where he’s at, he’s a Rumblefish.  Tonight’s movie, it so happens.

Fear06.jpg picture by missalister

Photo from markofpittsburgh‘s flickr photostream


From the Oneword ‘calling’:

Fear was calling again.  Leslie heard its mocking sing-song vibrating in the air.  Like the sound of nothingness from a dog whistle, Fear had pitched its frequency perfectly for Leslie’s tender ears.  For years and years it had squatted on her emotional landscape, notoriously baiting her with protection and switching it for pain.  This day it occurred to Leslie that she might simply not answer its call.  But at the mere thought, a wave of Fear swept through her body as was its right to do.

4 responses to “Too late

  1. ouch that struck a nerve. I went through several years of insomnia, but not just insomnia, the can’t sleep because the worries would take over and keep me lying there shaking and sweating and just worrying. It got to the point where I dreaded night time. fear. fear just plain sucks. you made it sit up and speak here.

  2. I think it does strike a chord with everyone, we’re all afraid of one thing or other, for some it is overwhelming. And for Leslie (and many others) it’s simply an instinctual feeling that the mind has no control over. Difficult to get rid of something that has protected us for countless generations.

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