Postcard from a honkytonk

I’m havin’ a blast.  But it’s prob’ly good you’re not here…

honkytonk2.jpg picture by missalister

Postcard from Soundonthesound


From the Oneword ‘Raise’:

It was September and high time to raise the timeworn question.  Candy knocked back her shot and slammed the empty glass down on the bar, lined it up with the other four.  She sucked down the last of her Budweiser and pushed a wad of cash toward the bartender.  He winked.  She sneered and swaggered out of the honkytonk.  She drove a winding path home and blasted through the front door.  “Hey Honey!” she hollered up the stairs.  “Thanksgiving at my parents’ or yours this year?”

5 responses to “Postcard from a honkytonk

    • How silly of me. I spaced adding a link to one of the hottest songs/bands ever. I’ll do you one better. Check these out:

      Mick before (such an inexperienced baby)

      Mick after (totally evolved, still vital, but oof, Keith is looking so…so…like a shipwreck)

  1. There’s no place like home for the holidays. I sure as hell need four boiler makers prior to making those decisions! If I didn’t know any better, I’d take you fer a honky tonk woman. Of course you’d need to swap the gin for some JD.

    Saw a good flick over the weekend. Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. That ole boy could drink some whiskey.

    • Boilermakers, well alright! I’m all for that, as you prob’ly know, what with the whiskey an’ beer and all, and in the most creative way, eh? Shot glass dropped right in… I tell you, if I wasn’t sipping on whine right now, I’d pry myself from laptop-life-support and fix me one.

      Don’t know if I’d survive ‘Crazy Heart’, though. I do like to watch Jeff Bridges for hours and hours, so I guess I could in the long run, but the trailer makes me skittish. I hafta be careful what hammers I tenderize myself with… Aw, that’s a lie. If I can watch The Baker Boys over and over again, I can watch Crazy Heart.

      Anyway, I sure am glad you’re back around, Music Man. Not only do I get to hang out with you, but my blog hit count goes up. Other folks must like your comments as much as I do : )

  2. Hope you made the drive over to Crazy Heart for Bad. JB gloried in his destitude, worshiping that thick gadabout belly.

    Dig the rhyme of “high time” and “timeworn.” Seems the Stones be in the air these daze.

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