NOTE:  I’m haunted by hollow tones, breathy flute notes.  Jammin’ guitar is more my style.  But being haunted by quenas is different, because of the evening redness in the west.

Overjoyed02.jpg picture by missalister

Heineken Jammin Festival from MoukaDesign 

From the Oneword ‘Overjoyed’:

Jaime had overjoyed it and she knew it.  Tomorrow would be hell: headsplitting laughter, loss of good sense, elating ad nauseum…  Best thing was just to not start joying in the first place, but it’s not that easy…  She just hoped she wouldn’t barf.  Because there was no stopping her now, she was too far gone jammin’ to the woo-ha-ditty and cha-cha slidin’ with the soulja boys.

5 responses to “Jammin’

  1. lol I have no idea what Jaime was doing but it was very pleasant to the ears, the mind’s ears. Funny, there’s a lot of talk about mind’s eye but never mind’s ear…

    • Well, see, that’s the thing, she was just plain joying, which for her seems like it may have been dancing, but for you and me and others, it’s whatever’s our drug. Mine is JD and writing plesantries to the ears ; )

  2. Plenty of woo-ha-ditty at the Homecoming Dance last night. I ain’t a chaperone likes to stand on the sidelines. Love the overjoy of this one; Lady Green reading some Cormac these days? Awesome holocaust of a novel, but not much woo-ha, least not the right kind.

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