NOTE:  The toaster shot my bread to the ceiling and gravity sucked the cereal to the floor.  The only safe place was counter space.

Screendoor01.jpg picture by missalister

Image from VisualizeUs

From the Oneword “rustling”:

Jean heard rustling in the bushes under the kitchen window.  She blasted through the screen door and down the steps banging a pot with a wooden spoon.  “Shoo!  Shoo!” she yelled into the bushes.  The rustling stopped.  A rubbery snout with plastic fangs popped out.  Jean screamed.  “You will be tasty with my elderberries,” a growly old woman’s voice said.  “Oh for crissakes, Mother!” Jean huffed. “You’ve been spitting out your pills again haven’t you?!”

8 responses to “Purgatory

  1. Ha! Mom, the merry prankster. That was a fun one. I have a friend who’s mother has Alzheimer’s (nothing funny about that of course), but he has had some pretty kookie story’s over the past year. Nice lite hearted take that made chuckle!

    • Exactly, all the way around! You hold the spirit of this piece in your light-hearted chuckle. Again, I’m so glad you’re enjoying these shenanigans : )

    • From the king of surreal tweets? Thank you, of course I’ll scurry off with it : )
      And I see you’ve left me a surreal tweet-like comment on Jammin’! I’m there…

  2. there’s got to be one in every family. I’m hoping that I will be that one in the future. People will tell stories of me hiding in the bushes or wandering through walmart wearing nothing but a straw hat and pocketbook….
    Loved it!

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