NOTE:  I’ve stepped onto a new level of existence.  It’s less bull god and more spiders from Mars.  There are fewer mountains but the trees are older, wiser.  And the moon has more patience with my tides.

turkeyvulture05.jpg picture by missalister

© Edie Harper “Untitled (Black Hole)”, c. 1950, vintage gelatin silver print
Overhead, two thousand feet above the desert, the turkey vultures swirled around and around the rim of a thermal. Like a toilet flushing, their swirling spiraled down and down, the revolutions growing tighter and faster toward the black hole of last breaths.

17 responses to “Overhead

    • Accidents will happen! Oh but I do like that you caught a whiff of poetry here and came over to see : )

    • Oh you’re welcome : ) Everyone who reads over here must know by now, but in case they don’t: y’all go here for more gift lines. Thank you for coming by, Jae.

  1. This reminded me of the outer planet story from Margaret Atwood’s Blind Assassin. Your new level of existence has a strange atmosphere – is it lighter or heavier?

    • Ah! I’ve not read The Blind Assassin, but I recognize the author’s name from that class I took, outta the short story bible we had to read. I read slow, so tell me true: is it worth the trek?

      And a question to answer your question: is older and wiser heavier or lighter?

  2. I’ve been away from the party – first of year new building new tech new everything craziness. Missed this but I’m glad I popped in and picked up the crumbs. They be tasty! Nothing wrong with spiders from Mars and flushing toilets. This was fun and I liked the tighter and faster. Never did like turkey vultures…

    • It’s all OK and all supposed to be crazy this thing called working. There’s always some goodies left out for you : )

      But this turkey vulture thing… They sure is ugly, but one mustn’t judge a book by it’s cover, isn’t that right? ; )

  3. Truth be, I likes the note even more than the overhead. That’s green poetry, girl: poetry worth every ounce of envy, and I do. Been listening over and over to a live Stones performance of Miss You this morning. Guess you must be the Miss.

    “Revolutions growing tighter and faster” sounds like a good recipe for the times, Miss. You.

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