What the hey…

…a oneword for fun.  Prompt was “spike.”

chicago_o_hare_1a.jpg picture by missalister 

Photo “Dawn #3” © cfarivar

Chester bounced out the jetway and trotted off to make his connecting flight.  About midway to his gate, out the corner of one big brown eye, he caught sight of an old dog what looked like his ol’ idol, Spike.  He was slumpin’ on a stool in one of the seediest airport bars Chester had ever seen, and he’d seen ‘em all.  He full out ran to look, and sure ‘nuff.  The hair on his back bristled.  He smacked Spike’s drunk self hard right off his bar stool and barked, “That’s for all the years you smacked me when all I wanted was to chase cars with you, you shitass mofo.”  A smile spread across his chops and he bounded away to catch his flight.

8 responses to “What the hey…

    • What’s really cool is you stopping by to comment on even this, this ridiculous little paragraph meant to be a plot against the evil Ego, who thinks only kickass stories are allowed on this site. But now you’ve ruined it by liking it ; ) Well, that’s the kind of plot-foiling I can dig, so you go right on : )

  1. Good morning, Mistress. Them’s some exacting standards you got there for this site. Glad you agreed to join the mere mortals; we thrive on the full metal gamut, from kickass to maudlin and all the way to fervently benign. With this paragraph, I can’t help thinking I’m witnessing the return of canine noir. Love and slobbery kisses.

    • Mere mortals? Oh, and you would know about those, Mr. Brilliant-Prolific? Ah, well, all that you say does me good because I took a severe lashing from Ego this morning. It was incensed. “Delete this shit this instant!” it yelled, and I slunk off to write something like dirt to cover it up. Now I can tell it, “Look. This is Canine Noir. Deal with it.” So here’s a string of thankful drool back at you, my dear : )

    • Oh, you! Well, I’m so glad you came by, Ms. Mood, but I’m sorry your World Cup intuition was right. And so was a portugal.wordlcupblog.org entry I read: they did fight hard and well : ) Unlike the USA and its forbears!

  2. buwahaha totally missed this. I’m not used to posting so often – shame on you! I did get a smattering of twitters and maybe this was lost in the crush? Next time i’m in an airport I will be imagining passengers as dogs. When I get arrested for laughing maniacally and they think I’m some sort of terrorist gone around the bend just remember – it’s on you!

    See you on Fox news :)

    • I’ll take it on, Dee! If you find yourself in said compromising situation, tell the authorities to ring me up and I’ll ‘splain ever’thin’. Why, I’ll bamboozle ’em like Bugs does Black Jacque Shellac :-D

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