Tomorrow is today

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My dog’s old.  He gets himself into a ball, takes three shaky sniffs in, and lets out a smooth, even sigh that goes on for three seconds.  I look over at him ending that pre-nap ritual with his three lip smacks, and I smile.  We’ve been together for a long damn time.  We never fight.  Because he can’t form words and he’s not consumed with being right. 

I can sit here for the ten minutes I have to write this note before going on to the next thing and he lies down nearby, gives me space to be.  I look over at him and he picks his head up, like “What?”  I say, “Oh nothing.”  He puts his head back down, like “That’s cool.”  And it is. 

It’s cooler even than seeing something I wrote featured on a site not my own, cooler than playing God with WordPress snow or starting up the annual countdown to Christmas…  Put that and all the other happening stuff together, though, and it becomes one big blessing, one fun ride that balances out the bad stuff.

So.  Good stuff coming up:

12/15:  Miss A’s countdown to 12/25 begins a day late and that ain’t all.  This year it’s gonna be a twelve part story about a whacked out evil plot involving twelve super-non-heroes pitted against one superpower pushing peace.  Something like that.  I’ll be winging it as usual.  

12/16 note:  countdown ain’t happnin’.  As planned, anyway…       Bad Stuff scores two, gets fouled, aaaand makes the free throws for four, total!  Would you listen to that crowd?!!!

12/15:   An excerpt from a thing I wrote in October called The Salvation Skits is up on disenthralled, in Issue #3, and the whole of The Skits will be run on January 1, 2010.  I got a sneak peek of Issue #3 yesterday morning and found the blow-away factor to be to the moon.  Today, I’m just dazed from the trip.   The writers Walter Conley is attracting are E=MC2.  They give me a clear view of that place I want to get to. 

12/17:   The Essence of a Thing turns two.  And that in turn means it’s time to take a look back at 2009, at where I’ve been, am now, and want to go, and to realign the Sites and Aims on my About page.


So.  Alright, then.  Mañana…hoy…lo que…

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16 responses to “Tomorrow is today

  1. This is honest and fun. Thanks for sharing. You are right, with all that’s going on – and there’s a lot here on the frozen plains – it’s good to give props to the people you like and respect. Backatcha, sista.

  2. Been to the disenthralled kiosk and I see that you’ve been holding out on your subscribers. As with Jay and Nico, Val and Ray are not my favorite elves, but there’s a gritty (even nasty) assurance in this narrator’s voice that plops these two “innocents” more tastily on my plate. Let me see what I mean: this narrator is simply telling a rotgut story straight out, and she does it well: I don’t like these folks, but narrator sez, run with me, and I will, and I do. Lovely high octane in “but silence is the biggest tattle tale.” Love that, and what the narrator does with it. With Jay and Nico’s narrator I felt like I was being set up. Gears grinding? That last tight-assed, tit-jiggling paragraph was demonic pleasure. I felt like I was back in Jersey for the dark ride through Camden – gaudy, gawdy, god-dy delight.

    Again, I’m sure Mr. Conley knows the radioactive wonder of you he has stumbled upon. The room in which your awesome prose gets written just got a whole lot bigger. You’ve worked hard and heartfully, and are so very deserving of this, and all the rest that will follow.

    Kick ass, sister. Your big sister Flan would be proud. The professor certainly is.

    • Holding out, heh, yeah, for the sake of surprise. “Amongst [my] weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency…” And don’t you just love a titillating surprise, Professor? Yeah, you do ; )

      Hey, thanks so much for checking disenthralled out and coming back here with feedback on my excerpt there. I know what you’re talking about in your comparison. With Ray and Val I was just telling a story as I most always do. Then I began reading so much noir fiction on sites all over the internet, hungry to read more work from some of the great writers Walter’s had on his site. That was a huge benefit, but you know, transmutable Pisces that I am, I was unwittingly confused about my own style when I was writing about Jay and Nico. Same thing happened when I took the ESC course, that same sort of confusion and flailing and grasping was reflected in “Law of Averages.” Seems that’s how I do my assimilating of new information on my way to wherever I’m gonna end up with this writing gig. I only have a feeling it’ll all work itself out over time.

      Thanks, too, for your radioactive last two paragraphs. I have indeed worked hard, am still pushing to learn and get better, and for all that working and pushing, there’s still so effing far to go… Your feedback and compliments keep me going, you know, and there’s no amount of thanking I can do that feels enough, so I’ll just shut up and smile : )

  3. Happy birthday Essence of a Thing!
    Such a wise baby, I wouldn’t have guessed it was only two.

    Something is bothering me about your blog – I’m sorry but I have to come out and say it – there’s a bar at the bottom of the page that keeps appearing and disappearing, it’s really ruining my concentration. Sorry, not your fault.

    My dog did lip smacks too, more like tongue smacks actually, when he was really comfortable :)

    Good news on the disenthralled! Well done!

    • Aw, thank you so much Ms. Mood : D You’re the best!

      I don’t know what that concentration-ruining bar business is. It’s not happening for me, thank God. I’m having enough trouble staying focused these days! If it keeps on and it’s not your computer, I’ll call up Mr. Mullenweg and have his folks get right on a fix ; )

      Ah, your pup…I remember when I first found your blog and was looking through your posts and I saw a photo…wet puppy paws…and then I read how you miss him… I’m so attached to Nova, Lord knows what I’ll do! Alright, enough. Actually, Nova does do tongue smacks, but I wrote it the way I did to get the idea across better. LOL! Very important, don’t you know!

  4. No Jay and Val would not be invited for Christmas dinner but like any normal human, I couldn’t look away from the train wreck. I’m with Paschal about the silence is the biggest tattle tale line – that was the one that made me stop and back up and read again. I love the grit and real and down and dirty, and envy your ability to paint it. I just can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to smooth out the rough spots and somehow I think that might be a problem. My gut reaction was anger at whoever might be sitting there in the church and give poor val the disapproving look that would scoot her ass and tits out the door back to jerk off in the van. I wanted to fix her and then she would leave Jay because she wanted to change her life and then Jay would pine for her and clean himself up and show up on her doorstep a new man and then and then – nope, not real. Congratulations on disenthralled and happy birthday blog – I’m proud for you :)

    • What??? No Ray and Val at your Christmas dinner? Well, wait until you read the whole story on January 1st and you’ll be sending them a belated Christmas card with a kiss-ass note in it, you’ll be asking them to be your friends on Facebook, you’ll be trying all kinds of ways to get in good with them. Hehe. Yeah, Dee, you’re a fixer and smoother of things, a righter of wrongs, a happy ending kinda gal. Heh. You know I thought I wrote dark, but those kick-ass writers in Issue #3 of disenthralled make me look like little Miss Saccharin high on a serotonin and dopamine cocktail. I know dark ain’t your thing, so I all the more thank you for taking the time to read my excerpt there. And I especially thank you for the blog birthday wish! The terrible twos… Boy I’ll say!

      • ha – there is a love though that sees it how it is and paints it exactly like that without trying to fix it or cover it up, not make it how you would like it to be. You have a good eye and you don’t jack with what you see – you just lay it down for us to take or leave, like the photographer who takes the picture and then decides NOT to run it through photoshop. Show beauty with all her flaws, too big pores, dark circles, and beginnings of wrinkles – no soft focus here. Stark, no – makeup allowed, naked. That’s love on paper.

        • Whoa, Dee! Quite some inspiration ripped through you there. Show beauty with all her flaws…no soft focus here. Stark, no – makeup allowed, naked. That’s love on paper. Usually when I start making comments that on-fire, I know it’s time to put fingers to keyboard and rap some piece of writing out! : D

        • Thank you, Walter!

          You see, Dee? Everybody knows it, sees it, your oracle moment—a human speaking the truth of all of existence, everything that was, is, and will be, everything a human can’t see, but for one moment sees—a writing satori.

  5. Hello Alicat,

    I’ve come here, jonny-come-lately, to thank you for the fridge note. I wanted to come by sooner, or even converse back on my comment page, but I’ve had hell trying to pull my head out of some mucky brain fog the last couple weeks. I’ll blame it on the Adder Suns. Any how, strange as it seems, this Jersey Boy has yet to see Garden State. But the grave digger sounds like someone I can get down with. Or perhaps six feet under? At least that’s where my brain’s been lately.

    Congrats on the dis’ pub! I really dig the whole vibe there. And who know’s, maybe I’ll even leave commentary there? (I hate these speed bumps you know?).

    Totally enjoy the Salvation Skits teaser! I’ll try to save some adjectivity and adverberations for over there. Kick-in-my-ass, God willing.

    Hope you and Nova are enjoying the yuletide. After the blizzard this past weekend, I can do without all the WordPress snow.

    Luv ya!

    • Aw, well, you’re welcome like crazy, music man. Wish you felt better… I’m a vitamins freak so I hafta wonder if there’s something you can swallow for that brain fog of yours. I’m so bad to my body so for my brain, I fill myself full of formulas that have DMAE bitartrate, Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, and niacin and B-12, to name a few of the harder-hitters that are good for the grey matter. Ask your doctor if “All That Shit” is right for you! ; )

      At least you’re not missing much not seeing Garden State. Zach Braff and Natalie Portman bugged the crap outta me throughout, and there was only the occasional, credible relief from the gastric distress they caused, like Jim Parsons’ knight scene, for example. Peter Sarsgaard’s grave digger, Mark, was my cool character study dude that made it worth one hundred and two minutes of my time.

      I’m so pleased you like disenthralled’s vibe. Do leave a comment there if those speed bumps don’t wreck you. It’d be so cool to see you over there. In that issue my teaser’s in, Crisman, Brazill, Leins, Godwin, especially, I love how they write. Lynn Alexander’s Full of Crow online mag’s also hot. Something of mine will be on there soon—a dark flash fiction piece for the MiCrow section. More on that later.

      Sorry about the snow, man. You know the luv ya thing’s mutual but ain’t nothin’ gonna make me turn off my snow. Well, no, not true. I would do it for you if it was clouding your eyes and socking your brain in with fog : )

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