Girl of tomorrow morning

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I’ve come close to a culture overdose during my time in Ithaca.  Reminds me of my Dallas days when anything I wanted was just a short way away.  I’d about forgotten how sumptuous that luxury is during the past couple of years of landings flat in the farmlands of upstate New York and high in the mountains of Vermont. 

Ithaca to me is smarts and music and funky fashion and ways of being.  It’s a friendly-sized city full of colleges and bohemian character in each of the shops and bars and restaurants up and down its hills and all over its Commons.  Tuesday night it was all about the music end of it, well, and some lousy pool-playing and of course a few beers and maybe way too much Jack Daniel’s.

The scene of the first crime was the Wildfire Lounge, formerly The Lost Dog, to see a friend, Doug Robinson, kick it up Latin-wise with some other hot Ithaca musicians backing up Sally Ramirez.  It was a combo CD release party for Doug and Sally’s “Crimson” CD and Sally’s birthday.  Beer and cake.  Mmmm.

Ithaca07_11-25-09-1.jpg picture by pemerytx 

The lounge was homey with the odd chairs and couches around and a few round cocktail tables mixed in.  Doug and company were spread out against your classic inner city brick wall: two percussionists, Sally, Doug on guitar, a double bassist, a violinist, a clarinetist, and a trumpeter.  In front of them were tubes of clear and colored lights intertwined, laid out in a semi-circle atop a great Persian-style rug.

Ithaca04b_11-25-09.jpg picture by pemerytx

Of course I bought the CD after being stirred by the experience, the feeling of flying by the seat of my pants right along with the performers, live, where there’s no erasing what goes wrong and only memory of what goes astoundingly right.  Just as much an experience is the CD.  It’s pure, recorded perfection, every sound placed just right and presented to the choicest ear—left or right or both—to hear it.  Doug’s engineering and mixing on this CD is beyond right on.  There’s a sample below, an audio clip of my favorite tune on the CD.

Ithaca06b_11-25-09.jpg picture by pemerytx

I rarely dare get obnoxious enough to snap photos all over the place, but I did it that night.  And rightly according to some subchapter of Murphy’s Law, my camera fucked up at every turn.  I couldn’t turn off either the flash or the camera’s infernal beeping at every push of a button except the shutter button.  The rechargeable battery was dying a slow death and the display went black.  I was apologetically winging it the whole way, until the second crime scene.

Ithaca05_11-25-09.jpg picture by pemerytx

Scene two was The Chanticleer.  Look at this marquee, for chrissakes!  It’s screaming bloody murder to be photographed by anyone with a camera in their pocket.  Creative or not, you can’t screw this up.  And you can’t not enter after you step under it.  It’s like the Star Trek Transporter, landed us in JD and black forest beer land with roosters sandblasted into the bar mirror and a pool tournament going on.  Gave us a hankering to play some pool ourselves, so we beamed over to Pete’s Cayuga Bar for the third and final crime scene of the evening.

Ithaca10_11-25-09.jpg picture by pemerytx

Pete’s was cool: skinny, long and deep off the street, a bar in one part and a pool table in another part.  We put our quarters on the table and cultivated our JD and beer highs, looked at the walls where anyone could sketch whatever.

Ithaca11a_11-25-09.jpg picture by pemerytx

I played my token shit game of pool, like a bad MC opening for Nick to do the serious ass-kicking.  He did, had a nice long run of it.  But mercifully it did end so we could proceed to scene four, a diner to get food, and then home, much worse for the wear.  Gawd I’m a blast when I’m gassed, but not so much the next day.  Kind of like Menina amanhã de manhã, Girl of tomorrow morning.

Vai (Menina amanhã de manhã)
Tom Zé e Perna

Menina amanhã de manhã
Quando a gente acordar
Quero te dizer que a felicidade vai 
Desabar sobre os homens, vai 
Desabar sobre os homens, vai
Desabar sobre os homens 

Na hora ninguém escapa
Debaixo da cama, ninguém se esconde
A felicidade vai
Desabar sobre os homens, vai
Desabar sobre os homens, vai
Desabar sobre os homens

Menina, ela mete medo
Menina ela fecha a roda
Menina não tem saída
De cima, de banda ou de lado
Menina olhe pra frente
Oh! Menina, tome cuidado
Não queira dormir no ponto
Segure o jogo, atenção
De manhã…

Menina a felicidade 
é cheia de praça
é cheia de traça
é cheia de lata
é cheia de graça

Menina a felicidade
é cheia de pano
é cheia de peno
é cheia de sino
é cheia de sono

Menina a felicidade
é cheia de ano
é cheia de eno
é cheia de hino
é cheia de onu

Menina a felicidade
é cheia de an 
é cheia de en
é cheia de in
é cheia de on

é cheia de a
é cheia de é
é cheia de i
é cheia de ó

English translation:
She goes (Girl of tomorrow morning)
Tom Zé and Perna

Girl of tomorrow morning
When people wake up to you
I want to say that the happiness goes
To fall down on the men, goes
To fall down on the men, goes
To fall down on the men

In the hour nobody escapes
Underneath of the bed, nobody is hidden
The happiness goes
To fall down on the men, goes
To fall down on the men, goes
To fall down on the men

Girl, it puts fear
Girl it closes the wheel
Girl does not have exit
From above, of band or side
Girl looks at pra front
Oh! Girl, takes care
She does not want to sleep in the point
She holds the game, attention
Of morning…

Girl the happiness
she is full of square
she is full of traces
she is full of can
she is full of favour

Girl the happiness
she is full of cloth
she is full of I suffer
she is full of bell
she is full of sleep

Girl the happiness
she is full of year
she is full of eno
she is full of hymn
she is full of ONU

Girl the happiness
she is full of an
she is full of en
she is full of in
she is full of on

she is full of ah
she is full of é
she is full of i
she is full of ó

The lyrics and English translation are courtesy of librarycat.  Hopefully, our long-missed Porto, Portugal girl, Devil Mood, will have something to say about the music and translation, if it’s off or on and anything else her creative self might think to add.


9 responses to “Girl of tomorrow morning

  1. DEE
    I have indeed been busy. Yet my mind has gone as black as my camera’s display. As black, bleeping and as ornery. I’ll ignore the problem and maybe it will go away. In the meantime, thanks for the Thanksgiving wish : ) I hope your day was delicious.

  2. It was fun tripping the light fantastic with you and Nick in another of those collegiate jewel towns. Never been to Ithaca, save fictionally to the hillside upon which Cornell boy TPynchon places Oedipa Maas and Pierce Inverarity in The Crying of Lot 49. Sounds like wonderful music was had by all, a fully unhorsed night of revelry, complete with Nick’s cleaning up the place, “poolside.” Loved the post title the moment I saw it, and the surreal lyrics are mighty tasty. Reminds me of “Chan Chan.” The Chanticleer neon be very cool.

    I’m so glad you came by to take a spin on this horseless ride. You know I’m a hard rock kinda gal, but this Latin music was so fun, zesty like Mofongos, like asopao, and in this livingroom-like atmosphere, fun was able to be amplified. And what a thrill to see these gifted musicians improvise with their solos, how easy they made it look! The lyrics of Menina amanhã de manhã are indeed so delish. I’m still hoping our Ms. Mood will show and comment on the accuracy of librarycat’s English translation. You know you had me going after Chan Chan and I loved it, found this cool video. Dudes are having serious fun. Look at the gleam in their eyes, especially Compay Segundo’s!

    Ha, yeah, no kidding! The melody and the spiritual-skillful-playful delivery hit that place in the heart that knows and yearns for what it knows. Like the gleam in Segundo’s eyes has always been my yearning, my dream, to find a way to make a living that makes my eyes gleam like that. Se somente…

  5. What a great tune to help me forget the never-ending rain outside :-/
    The translation looks a bit wonky, but the thing with the repetitive verses is that the words are not what matters the most, it’s more of a rhythm thing than anything else. If you listen to Águas de Março ( there are parts in the end where they only sing the last sounds of the words, I guess they simply play with the words for musical purposes.

    I’ll just point out that all the ‘she’s in the lyrics are not referring to the girl of tomorrow morning, but to happiness itself, since felicidade is a feminine noun in portuguese.

    Sure thing, music man. Let’s do it again soon : )

    Ah, here she is, girl from the rain, into the sun! Yeah, that translation was like someone plugged the Portuguese words into AltaVista’s Babel Fish. Lord knows I love Babel Fish for a rough idea, but it chokes seriously, maddeningly, a good deal of the time. Good you got us straight on the she as happiness itself. Ah, well, I can still be the girl of tomorrow morning after a night of partying, for the happiness sure has gone by then! I remember the Águas de Março video from your blog, enjoyed revisiting it. So much fun, so playful!

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