The last mile

P1010910a.jpg picture by pemerytx

This leaf caught my eye on my cool-down mile this morning.  My eyes are trained to look for hearts in leaves, for lady bugs and dragonflies and rainbows and signs of all kinds, known or made up on the fly out of my need for one.  It has been an insane many days of healing a sick dog and working like a dog and drinking like a fish and writing crap and gearing up to hit the road again.  Lots of and’s.  So I think a heart in a leaf means fewer of life’s and’s, fewer lazy gerunds inging in ears like tinnitus and more vivid verbs, precise verbs, all the action happening in verbs.


Of last miles and monkeys on backs…

Cinderella, one of my favorite bands growing up, visuals here for posterity, for your big hair, pretty boy fix.

Lyrics here.


9 responses to “The last mile

  1. Sister: I figured that at least a bit of puppy distress fueled the Charmane story; I’m sorry to hear of that. I wish all of you well (and weller). (Maybe even Weller’s, if that’s your choice.) On walks and hikes and river strolls, my eyes are also always peeled for heart shapes: plenty of heart-shaped stones and pebbles here in the Heart of Texas.

    Much love to you: paschal.

  2. all that exhausted me and I wasn’t even doing it AND then you posted at one in the morning AND I love your writing even when you just pop in for an update AND Wishing you more hearts, dragonflies, rainbows – whatever you need to get you by.

  3. I wouldn’t know a gerund from an errand, but I do know about nursing a loved pup. So healing vibes back in your direction. Take stock of the cooling mile and the hearts in flora as you heal your fauna. I’m in middle of London’s White Fang, and it’s bringing forth that human/canine bond and its prehistoric significance. And to think that some people know nothing of it? Here’s to getting through your ANDs.

    To invoke yet another cousin of mine, Tom Keifer lived in the same gated community as my cousin, wife of a chief radioligist. In the midst of all the doctor/lawyer types in that “hood”, Tom would throw some raucous parties with Hollywood excess and South Philly crass. Made for some good cocktail party gossip back in the day.

    Speaking of South Philly. My boys are taking it to the Yankees! Go Phils!

    You figured right, as usual, psychic man. Nova’s doing well, appears back to normal. His meds and herbs for an intestinal fiasco are nearly complete and then he’ll be running on his own. He had to be x-rayed and hydrated twice but surgery was avoided. And, the most awesome thing for him is he’s getting boiled chicken pieces and rice mixed in with his usual kibbles. For a dog, it don’t get much better’n that.
    ‘Bout the hearts, you are my Scorpio brother after all, so I just smiled on hearing that you look, too.
    Now I’ll take that Weller you mentioned. Special Reserve, if you don’ min’. You knows I loves my bourbon whiskey.

    Hahaaa, Dee, I loved your AND’s, you clever thing! When I poured the whine and set out the glasses, I knew you’d come because you’re sweet and efficient and you kick tail. You and the others here get me by just fine : )

    You both smooth me down and crack me up and it’s majorly appreciated. It’s time for a hit of “The Bayman’s Blues.” Man, that’s rich with healing vibes on top of the ones here. You could write me another one like that and I wouldn’t complain ; )
    I’ve never read “White Fang” but from the sound of it I should. Dogs and London both rock, that I know for sure.
    Alright, I’m taking my Weller’s over to Keifer’s, man. Thanks for that tip, and God bless the Phillies. They’re gonna need it ;-)

    And you, Quin, are abounding with blessings that’ll get you everywhere. Well, you already know that : )

    Hey there Jazzqueen. I have indeed checked out your sites and I see that you are one happenin’ chicklet. Why, when I was your age I had my head up my butt, and here you are starting off well, with your head up and looking around and your mind and body makin’ tracks already : )

    Well, Ms. Mood, unfortunately things have not exactly settled down, and that pooch of mine is just plain gettin’ old. Think the illustrious Buddy Guy’s “Done Got Old.” And if you’ve not heard it and how Guy’s vocals exemplify the doneness of getting old, it can be found here.
    ‘Bout the photo, here’s the behind-the-scenes info that you folks pay extra for: I saw the leaf, ran past it, ran back, picked it up, put it in my pocket, and later on, after coffee and all, you should have seen me take that damned thing around to different locations on the lawn to make sure I got that fabulous shot! Piece of work ; )

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