Sunny Day…

This piece spun off the oneword prompt “bars

Sunny08a.jpg picture by pemerytx

Art © Tamsin Baker


From behind Maybelline bars the mind’s eye peers, unable to perceive the sunny day as bright or the billowy clouds as light, fluffy; unable to see the point of squirrels’ play, the senseless chasing and chattering; unable to appreciate the birds darting in and out of brush beside the road like fish swimming through pond weeds.  And the cicadas only make it worse with their waves of grating against nerves of burnt paper breaking off and drifting down in circles and away on the wind as ashes.


…Real Estate

Sunny01.jpg picture by pemerytx

Photo “Sunny Day Real Estate” from Denver Post


Sunny Day Real Estate “In Circles”


Sunny Day Real Estate “In Circles” lyrics and mp3 player

2 responses to “Sunny Day…

  1. Another (there have been others at the construction site) of those interesting pieces where the exquisite beauty of the words cuts against the very grain of the malaise being described. I don’t know if the “cut against” is intentional, or if it simply asserts itself on its own as the prevailing narrative voice (or one of the prevailing narrative voices) tries to assert itself back against the embedded redemption. It’s a mano a mano Sumo wrestling match that eludes (to me in my dotage) the reunited realtors.

    And thass a fac, Jack.

    Your comment confirms it! I see now that palm, crystal ball, and tarot card readers are psychotherapists. They know your past from a few words you say and can make one heck of a guess at your future since history is bound to repeat itself ; )
    (The “cut against” is a resident riptide. We have Sumo wrestling everyday. Whoohoo!) ;-)

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