All My Rowdy Friends…

Bus01a.jpg picture by pemerytx

Photo © Lifeontheedge

This piece is spun off the oneword prompt, “destination


Destination’s a madcap.  And worse, it’s pals with Destiny and Fate, swashbucklers both.  Both going nowhere man’s Ego says it wants to go.  Ego says it’s driving the bus but it’s bat blind and its radar is down.  To Ego, Destination is the two hundred feet it can see in front of it driving in the dark from New York to Hollywood.  Destiny and Fate just laugh, call it Ego’s boondoggle.


…Are Comin’ Over Tonight

Aerosmith does Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank live

Lyrics and mp3 player’-Over-Tonight-Monday-Night-Football-Theme-lyrics-Hank-Williams-Jr/11E40FC6B6548D7348256DD8000A8F8C

3 responses to “All My Rowdy Friends…

  1. That bus is driving herself.

    I drive my baby every way …

    I’m sure you’ve been out in East Texas and driven past the exit sign for Fate, no?

    I don’t want to cause no fuss…

  2. Ha just goes to show you – we were always right – no matter where you go, there you are :) Ego is busy tuning in the radio station while Fate knows that the last gas for fifty miles was the Destination exit you just passed…

    PS Not only have I driven past that exit sign for Fate, I have often contemplated methods of stealing it. Man, I have GOT to grow up. I would so love that van…wouldn’t matter where it was going. Reminds me of a skinny girl hitching from Denver to Michigan another lifetime ago.

    I actually have not driven by that exit sign. Been east as far as Jefferson in the beloved state of Texas, but I took 20, don’t recall seeing it, anyway. I do know Fate is not far off from Culpepper’s Cattle Co, one of my favorite restaurants of all time…back when it was a free-ranging multi-deck, bar-on-the-roof-overlooking-Lake-Ray-Hubbard, cubby-hole Heaven, that is. New owners fancified it impossibly…
    And I sure did dig Magic Bus in earlier times. Every day you’ll see the dust : )

    You know it, Sister! No matter where you go, there you are, is one of my favorites of all time…like Culpepper’s : ) And speaking of last gas for fifty miles reminds me of a guy I dated during my roaring twenties and crossing Alligator Alley over to Fort Lauderdale on fumes. I sure knew how to pick ‘em back then… So I’m not one to talk about your desire for signs. I still have a street sign a guy friend stole for me when I turned sweet sixteen…talkin’ ‘bout skinny girls, anyway… : )

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