Physical law

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From the oneword prompt, “optional


Choosing was not optional.  The opportunity to take money from the 7-Eleven cashier presented itself and Josey took it like blinking, like her heart pumping, like to survive—to pay toward rent, buy a little food for her kids.  That she was caught running undaunted two blocks down was not optional either, but one of many possible results governed by the law of unintended consequences.  Still, for a few glorious moments, free will felt roaring and real. 



Quin, you got me going on the subject of consequences.  And that, along with a conversation last night with a physicist, mixed in my head and produced the above not optional outcome  ; )

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7 responses to “Physical law

  1. Jean Luc Godard’s film “Inconvenience.” The larger question for you, my dear, is this: Was the writing of this piece also not optional?

    Thanks for stopping by, P : ) You’re right about the writing being not optional. That’s what I meant in the credits section…but clarity is a problem for me these days!
    I haven’t seen the film you mentioned. Wikipedia was no help, and I got three pages into a Google search but didn’t see anything. Had to ditch out ‘cause I’m supposed to be getting ready to hit the road again. Like I said, I’ve been clearer and stronger than these lean days! I’m waiting for a reprieve.

  3. I love that you google-surfers assume that I know something I don’t. There is no such film, but your piece reminded me of JLG’s “Breathless.” Inconvenience was simply a play on your convenience store. I’m a lot more concrete than I get credit for. Love to you on the road. (That, I mean – no need to look for lurking meanings.)

    Oh for chrissakes, Paschal, you player, you! You know your intelligence—or your capacity for knowing things, if you prefer—is daunting, now don’t pile on picking on us for trying not to come off as idiots when we respond to your comments ; )
    Alright then, well now that I see what you were doing with your “Breathless” and [in]convenience store play, I pronounce it brilliant—or clever, if your prefer—and set it forth as an illustrative example to sustain the point made in my first sentence :-D
    You have to know I’m loving all of this fun stuff! Now, I’m shutting down the laptop, and taking your much appreciated, straightforward well-wishes out de do’ wid me : )

  5. Just cruised by, presentations done and now only hardware and troubleshooting. Less stressful dealing with machines than people :)

    Unintended consequences and free will – that’s a mouthful. Poor Josey, she should have gone to see “Inconvenience” instead of wandering into that convenience store..

  6. THOM G
    Thanks, Thom. I’m glad you stopped by : )

    Amen, Sister! Machines have enough of a mind of their own, but at least they can’t corner you in your cube, sit down in your visitor chair with their coffee and start yakking like you’ve got nothing better to do. Or in your case, maybe descend upon you with questions and issues around their profiles and computer and printer access and “What’s what with the new gradebook?” ;-)

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