All hat, no cattle

yak07-1.jpg picture by pemerytx

Photo © St. Louis Photo Blog

From the oneword prompt, “idle


Sit idle and talk.  Talk about dreams there’ll never be money to buy.  Talk about goals and why they can’t be met for all the things that have to happen first that will never happen.  Talk about desires and the impossibility of achieving them.  Shoot down all solutions and in the end, square one has never been left and nothing has been moved but jaw muscles.

5 responses to “All hat, no cattle

    Yessa! On both counts. Jim Beam, please. Over ice.

    Doesn’t it? You know I look long and hard to find just the right thing. I mentioned how important it was on Phish’s site once and you agreed. Man, I miss that guy…

    I miss you doing them. You were a holy oneword and otherwise terror all of June at least. It never seems to work out exactly right. I had no time when you were tearing it up at and now I have a little free time. Life. Not complaining, just stating a fact. I’m just glad you’ve made time to stop by here. It means a lot to me : )

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