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movie02.jpg picture by pemerytx

Respond to the roll, the cut, the “Nothing’s right,” the subsequent take ten that becomes getting a cup of Starbucks that becomes shooting the shit that becomes going back to the trailer that becomes taking the makeup and costume off that becomes waiting for the next day to work again to get it right, to respond to the cut, the string of timeouts, the waiting, like a game, like life.



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie set snagged from

3 responses to “Knee-jerk

  1. Very surreal to see Dumbledore in a down jacket – I figured the old coot was immune to things as mundane as weather. I have always been amazed at the process of making bits and pieces and then stitching them all together and making a coherent movie. (Surely Harry doesn’t actually say “shit” ) I have grown to love the ebb and flow and timing of your writing. This was no exception.

  2. Yeah, Dee. That downie goes well with his beard bag! Maybe Harry would say “bullocks” instead?

    Dandy snapshot of a film set. And all that before the One Word director yells, “CUT!”

  3. DEE
    Surreal, indeed! Why, a wizard in a down jacket is just another case in point for Lila, the Divine Game, for the argument that life is movies, movies is life, and it’s all a big put-on LOL!

    I’m with you on the movie-making process fascination. What vision a director must have! I come unglued when I see too many pieces-parts of things lying about. It gets like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice for me.

    I’m happy you like the ebb and flow and all. Even in this little run-on : )

    Oh dear no. Neither Harry’s mouth, nor Daniel Radcliffe’s mouth, whose mouth Harry’s is, look capable of forming the word s-word! That was a mouthful. Bullocks, perhaps, but never the s-word.

    That beard bag’s a hoot, for sure! Well, it all is : )

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