From the oneword.com prompt, “coin” 


Graf02.jpg picture by pemerytx


Hands in my pockets, walking.  Beggar on the street asking for some change.  I pull out everything.  Coins, receipts, a couple of wadded-up bills, ticket stubs, a matchbox from Balthazar…  Pieces of my life.  I give it all to him and go on my way.  He can toss the parts of me he doesn’t need, keep the rest.  Like my ex did.  He can do it, put it toward his wildest dream.  Even it it’s just to buy a bottle of Thunderbird.  Whatever brings him joy in his moment on earth.



Photo http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3125/3178434312_d9aae6d122.jpg from WashDCStreet’s photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/washdcgraff/

7 responses to “Whatever

  1. Ah, what a hoot! I had an ex like that, too! – took everything- shook me down for my last good memory. took me more than 60 seconds to realize it though, your fast!

  2. Tight. Very. Tight. Love the I pull out everything, though I think you kept the knife.

    Took my house
    Took my Cadillac, too

    – John Lee Hooker (“Stripped Me Naked”)

  3. “Whatever” makes it sound like this is something that could just be tossed aside, easily dismissed, but instead it reads like something where, in sixty seconds, you pulled out everything. Wonderful!

  4. THOM G
    Good to hear. From you. As always. Looks like your own mojo’s working just fine this three word Wednesday : )

    Bass, you long gone scoundrel! Either you’ve been out on the road for an eternity, or you’re avoiding me. And it better not be the latter ; )

    The knife? Naw, man, I’m just a yuppie gone hippie. Traded my knife for a flower. After my wife left me, that is. Still got the Cadi, but as you know, it takes more than patchouli and tofu to keep one of them running. Wanna buy it? ’99 SLS so dark green it’s almost black. Got a killer Northstar that gets 28 mpg, which isn’t bad considering this baby does everything but steer itself.

    I do genuinely thank you and Pascual for the “tight”—one of the most sought after compliments of my kind—whether it’s rice packed in a box or the NYC side-walkers at rush hour, tight is right for the written word ; )

    Kinda like a photo, this little bit, eh? ; )

    Good catch and ever cleverly worded anno! I didn’t even think of that artful dissonance when I slammed down the title. I’m like Bass, on what seems like the eternal road, and time’s been hard to come by…as you can see with me just showing up here. But late or not, I wouldn’t miss responding to comments, especially if I can stir something up back up again ; )

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