Some of my friends have been giving this oneword thing a go.  DeeProfessor P , MichaelO , Thom G   Quinn Browne  has been especially prolific, has turned out some real beauties.  So call me a lemming.  Anyway, the word was “surround” and I was typing like a fiend and the dang bell went off when I was on “…you should find…” and I wondered what to do.  I looked around, no one was watching, so I just finished, ha!

  state09.jpg picture by pemerytx

Photo © Substreet.net  

He was just a kid, 20 or so.  I’d known him for a month or two.  I knew his dreams, he knew a little of me.  He confronted me in the hallway.  I had stuff to do.  He said they can’t help me here.  I said I know, they’re doing nothing for me either.  He asked me what I thought he should do.  I told him I’ve heard tell that you should surround yourself with the people who do what you love to do, live how you want to live, and soon you become that.  I said you should find a community of people, leave this place.  He nodded, head down.  I know that, he said, but I can’t.  Me either, I said, and continued down the hall.  I had stuff to do.




Photo from http://substreet.net/silvercrest/

16 responses to “Home

  1. You a lemming?? Never!
    A sad idea that someone could be so stuck at 20. I want to go speeding up, slam on the breaks, fishtailing and yelling for him to hop in so I can help him escape. The older we get the more our commitments, relationships, habits, hold us but at 20? I love these little one word prompts – the result is almost always an appetizer – you want more and that is always a good thing…

  2. ey hun! Sorry I haven’t gotten back at you for Tangerine’s review! It takes me awhile to get to in depth comments about my writing, it’s like I’m so scared of what people say, I hover around it before being able to read it fully. I’m still hovering, I know, it’s kind of sad. As for ‘home’, yse, depression can render you so incapable to do anything for your self, it’s sad.

  3. DEE
    I’d like to think I’m like Gary Larson’s cartoon that shows a long line of lemmings running after the leader who’s headed for the edge of the cliff, of course, but at the back of the line is one lemming with an innertube around his waist! But I’m not that foresighted I’m afraid.
    Hey, I had to pull another dirty trick of revising an already published post. As with comments I got on “The green iris blues,” I saw by your comment here that I didn’t make my meaning clear. I considered the word “door” to be the culprit, so I changed it to “…confronted me in the hallway…” instead, and I also changed the graphics. I’ve been a little shaky after this ESC class and this is the second time my powers of formulation have been FUBAR!


    That’s quite alright. I know how you feel, understand completely. Sad or not, I do it—I wait to read in depth reviews, too, then I read them with a sort of watery filter over my eyes while I check the safety level and/or something I read prompts me to go back and really read it slowly, carefully… Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by to let me know what’s going on with you in that regard. And thanks for your comment on this little deal. You’re on track, so I see now my revisions got the job done : )


    Addictive, yes. I’m very interested in it. I think it’s a good exercise that will help me. I did a few test rounds on other words like “sandals” and “event,” I think, and then “surround” sparked this idea that I thought was good enough to post like you all have been doing. Of course I shored it up before I put in on here. I’m not like your sharp-thinking self ; ) On the actual oneword site, I knew from the other prompts I tried that one minute ain’t nothin’ so I just flew, no caps, no punctuation, everything from misspelled to unrecognizable words ‘cause I was going so fast racing the clock. And then like I said in my note, after the bell went off I went ahead and finished the miserable thing, bygod!

  4. I would NEVER go back and rewrite something that should have been examined more closely before I clicked the publish button. NEVER, no not me. Also wouldn’t cheat and finish something after the darn “dinger” dings on the one word site (oops and here I am lying like a dog on a Sunday!)

    Now where did I leave that darn inner tube and nose plugs :)

  5. Was wondering if maybe it should be The Essence of a Thang.

    I like this wisp: you snatched a thin space, an aching place. That but I can’t. Me either is beautiful in its ache.

  6. Wow! That really was a complete interlude. I can’t accept what I’ve read of the prompt in 30 seconds. Then I’m ready to bail rather than write. I love the way you attacked this!

  7. DEE
    LOL! Thanks for the laugh, my friend!
    And you know, don’t you, that I don’t really finish after the bell goes off. I was just seeing what y’all would say ;-)


    You’ve probably left me in the dust again. I’m just thinking thang, as in the slang for thing. But you probably have some ulterior meaning in mind ; )
    About this second wisp, you got it again. Yup, there sure has been a lot of aching goin’ on lately! ‘Specially since my class ended. I did well enough, grade-wise, but man do I have some serious issues to work out! I’ll be over for coffee later.
    About Bow Wow Trivia, I’m sorry to hear that! But I’m sooo happy to hear you’re clicking on the free kibble link and doing the quizzes!!! It’s one of those near and dear to my heart kinds of causes, and I thank you endlessly for participating!!!


    Well, I cheat, music man. I mean, no I don’t. This is national cheating month. But not for me, no.
    Actually, “surround” miraculously brought to mind this conversation that was similar to one I had with a guy a few years ago. But usually I see the oneword.com word, I freeze, and then I write frozen, utterly uninspired words LOL! Still, I think it’s a good writing practice.

  8. Nothing ulterior in the design. Remember, I’m a retired shrink. I like the word thang, and I love the appellation Miss Thang. Have used it since New Orleans daze.

    Retired…right ; ) Well, good on thang, ‘cause there is another slang use for the term and I wasn’t sure how it applied here, I mean, I hoped it didn’t…I think… Now, you did once call Floreta “Miss Thang” so I take that as a good thing…I think… Nevertheless, I consider thang a Southern thing and I guess since I been up north I’m too tight-like and literal, all snoopin’ round slang dictionaries on the internet and such and I should just roll with your own lovely brand of NOLA flow… And anyway you already know that I’d go with you anywhere on that roll and flow ; )

    No apologies necessary, Ms. Mood, for you have responded perfectly to this little paragraph.
    But if you were not happy “not being very optimistic today,” certainly I would wish for you your heart’s desire : )

  11. Not quite sure what the rules are but I’m glad you carried on. A story within a very short paragraph, leaving the listener with lots of questions.
    P.s My response to Michael O was a result of a joke that he left on my Sunday Scribbling post ‘Human’

    Hey there, Jack. As far as I can tell the rules on oneword.com are you see the one-word prompt, you type like crazy whatever comes into your head, and when the bell goes off you’re supposed to just finish your sentence…if you’re in the middle of one, that is. So have you tried it? It’s fun, more so than rabbits and bears ;-)

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