After project completion

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There’s a spinning, the whirring of a hard drive still hard working, processing the need for slowing, coming down off top end to settle into idling, a form of healing from an imbalanced head-to-heart ratio.  The left buzz is too loud for the right song to be heard.


And so goes the spinning until the realization takes hold that there is not now any pressing work to be done for money.  There is, for a time, only heart work to be done for nothing but the satisfaction of time on earth well spent.


There is currently only the feeling that healing is perpetual, a constant, lasts at least as long as the human journey from birth to death.  There is always something to be balanced, set right, whether physical or mental abrasion or upending.  There is always something seen, heard, felt, that demands resolution or at least categorization, whether sensible or inexplicable.


Healing is always happening, may or may not be ultimately successful, but always just is.  The living, breathing earth and all its inhabitants are always spontaneously mending from excavation, pollution, forces of nature, scrapes, rape, gunshot wounds, colds and contagions, cancer, abandonment, being the last one standing, mending.


Living is puzzling, is ecstasy and torture and all points in between; healing is its own thing proceeding in a straight course.





A little camera jostling here but it becomes a small thing compared to this rare, live treat. 




Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard


Jesus just left Chicago

And he’s bound for New Orleans

Well now, Jesus just left Chicago

And he’s bound for New Orleans, yeah, yeah

Workin’ from one end to the other

And all points in between.


Took a jump through Mississippi

Well, muddy water turned to wine

Took a jump through Mississippi

Muddy water turned to wine, yeah, yeah

Then out to California through the forests and the pines

Ah, take me with you, Jesus


You might not see him in person

But he’ll see you just the same

You might not see him in person

But he’ll see you just the same, yeah, yeah

You don’t have to worry

‘Cause takin’ care of business is his name



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The above was spun off the Sunday Scribblings prompt “#162 – Healing.”  Click here for more on prompt #162 from other Sunday Scribblings participants.


17 responses to “After project completion

  1. there seems to be a balanced urgency to this piece made up by its great action words that actually make a wonderful lyrical noise as you go along and equally great words naming things that make a whole different but beautifully compatible noise — and that there is such a subtle expansion into the BIG picture just as you capture such a comprehensive finish to it all — absolutely majestic, just as one expects to find when it’s a DIVA feeding the words and the thought from a silver spoon to the peons just waiting for the name to appear on the list each week!!!
    hugs — d.

  2. healing is its own thing proceeding in a straight course — brilliantly said! Hope the end of your project brings some time to hear new heart songs, the chance to scan a broader horizon.

  3. A straight course indeed! Healing is as the beating heart. Life only goes on until either has ceased to overcome environs. Healing is like every drink of water, every breath of air, and every deep sleep. Very nice summation my friend! Here’s to your time well spent!

  4. Muchness: I see and feel and hear the exuberance of your celebration, rollercoasting on out and down the Jesus Trail. Of course, we’re all bound for NOLA once Chicago be done, and those Houston boys do get it right in their last stanza, they do, they do. I like that the heart work is just as pressing, without the money. May we all be spending well – straight, no chaser.

  5. THOMG
    Thank you, Thom. Good to see you around here again: )


    A pastor where I went to church many moons ago once said something in reference to the Jews’ puzzlement over God’s behavior seeming incongruous with how they knew God to be, and the principle boiled down to something I use to this day: when you don’t know what’s going on, instead of dwelling on what you don’t know, start listing what you do know. And that most likely explains the transition that started at the “me level” and went outward : )


    Thanks, Anno. I hope for those new and glorious heart songs : )


    Amen, Brother! You know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! “Time well spent,” the sound of it, always music to my ears : )


    Aw, thank you, TW, you with your own fine way with words!
    Yeah, that thought, that knowing, I feel like it’s inherent in humanity. That some may not be in touch with it but it’s there at the core of us.


    Yeah, straight—no lime, no salt, no chaser—to the blessed Crescent City! Hear, hear, Brother Paschal!

  6. Pass the tequila, cheers to NOLA! I love the place, THE most unique American city! The food, the music. I could have lived and died there several times over! : )

  7. I think I’ve been suffering from an “imbalanced head-to-heart ratio” lately. Your words speak to the glass being half full – full of hope that healing is perpetual, a constant, and always happening!

    Oh Lord, you’ve said magic words. Even Katrina couldn’t knock the mystique outta New Orleans, and that’s what does it for me, the mystique. You know, Pretty soon Brother P’s gonna catch a whiff of the crawfish étouffée we got simmerin’ over here. And Quin Browne, too. I’ll put a case of Blackened Voodoos on ice. In the meantime, let me tell you how happy I am that you’re enjoying the duly rock ‘n’ royal fuss the Allman Brothers put on for Billy Gibbons’ guest appearance! ZZ Top ruled for me during those Captain Tom days in FL so you know how happy I was to have found it : )


    Yup, seems healing’s happening even when it appears not to be. And I’m counting on that ‘cause I’m still imbalanced, too, haven’t fully put in order what all is going on where I’m at, feel creatively bereft. Even though I’m not generally a glass-is-half-full kinda gal, I do know this: what’s going on now is guaranteed to change, and it’s time for a ”COOL CHANGE” : )

  9. If I’m reborn as a dude will ya marry me? I’ll bring you a shrimp po boy so tall you will have to squish it down just to get your mouth around it LOL This was (as my mother-in-law used to say “Larupin good”
    “There is always something seen, heard, felt, that demands resolution or at least categorization, whether sensible or inexplicable.” gives me chills

  10. I am a week late to the party, but nonetheless, here goes:

    “And so goes the spinning until the realization takes hold that there is not now any pressing work to be done for money” – I wish I could be writing these same words while actually living them. Healing? Well, there is no healing in this world. That’s my personal opinion. If there was healing, life would just cease to exist, it would just cease to crush you everyday with the guilt and despair that we all go through. Would that be fun? Well, we all wish so, but I think life would lose all meaning. Healing, however marginal, is when you are in solace – out in the woods, up in the mountains, lost in the desert or all at sea (sic). But well, don’t mind me, I am the ever-lasting cynic and pessimist who hopes life would be a little better but would be lost if it actually starts becoming better. I am happy for you if the healing is really there. Keep Walkin’ :)

  11. DEE
    If you were reborn as a dude that I couldn’t resist and you had the infinite patience to put up with me and on top of that you brought me an oyster po’ boy, I couldn’t help but consider it ; ) ‘Cause you know it don’t get much better’n larupin good!
    I love those old expressions. I was looking for some a few months back and found this blog post: The best part was contributed by commenter Patricia Dietz who let fly with a great long list of hilarious ones.
    I’m glad you found a tidbit to chew on in this quick SS dash : )


    I guess by now you must know “late” is no real thing here and “nonetheless” rules. You’re welcome with your takes on life anytime : ) You know I don’t mind you, as you say ; ) Every sentence of your comment meant something to me in the way I’ve experienced those things. I don’t know if we’re on the same wavelength regarding the meaning of “healing” vs. “healed,” though. Here, I’m talking about healing as process, like watching a cut on your skin over a week or two, you watch while it’s healing, closing up, and when it’s closed up, it’s what I call “healed,” but there’s always the scar tissue. So in that respect, nothing’s ever completely, spotlessly healed. Same thing with emotional trauma—over time the pain dulls down but there’s always the residue. Which is dealt with in infinite ways by infinite personalities. Some hang on to the hurt, some let go. I hang in the balance. And I read from what you say, that you have your own way of balancing things.


    You must have tuned in to my vibes, for you know that’s the way the universe works. I put you on my 5/2/09 list of people to visit and never got there because life happened, which is also how the universe works : ) I thank you for noticing the rhythm, for that’s how I’m flowing these days. My next step is to keep the lilting, rhythm and rolling—which I seem to associate only with a soft way of saying some thought-provoking thing—while sprinkling in the spice it takes to make a story complex, exciting.

  12. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading here, but it’s time for work. Will finish later. So far, great, as usual! BJ

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