Double redemption



Pilgrimage.jpg picture by pemerytx

Candle-lit temple, Amarapura © rheanna2


Sarya awoke from a fitful sleep plagued with bizarre imaginations of the pilgrimage that she would make today as she did every day.  She was lying in a pool of sweat, too exhausted to move quite yet.  She turned her head toward the bedroom window to witness the exchange of light—the night’s last stars for the day’s dim beginning—as she lay perfectly still, waking, pondering, putting her thoughts in order.


All was not well in her world, in her small village.  There was much political unrest and fierce pressure to conform to the faith she was born to.  Her dreams were fraught with faces as in a fisheye lens, zooming in at her, yelling and ugly with hate, teeth gnashing.  Some faces were those of her family threatening to banish her from their lives for choosing another way.


But these were just dreams, a way for her mind and body to work out the pain of these troubled times and to reconcile the tinge of guilt she was brought up to feel at the slightest departure from the expectations of her people.  Both the frequency and the intensity of the dreams were lessening as she attended to her spirit in the manner that her friend Angel had shown her.


Angel was a sweet soul, quiet, thoughtful and loving.  She’d moved with her husband and two boys to Sarya’s village a little over a year ago and they’d met while working the fields.  They’d become friends instantly, having so many things in common, and soon Sarya was accompanying Angel once a week and then every day to a glorious temple of a place, a cavern of color, of greens and rosewood and ebony and creams, all muted, all hushed and glowing, soft and yellow.


In that atmosphere of warmth and love, amongst the delicate, tinkling-bell sounds and the low hum of others of like mind sharing their innermost prayers, Sarya learned to relax and open herself, to offer up her cares in return for peace.  It was an inner peace so deep, so rich, that every cell in her body vibrated with renewed life so that she emanated a nearly palpable joy.  In the throb and vibe of healing, she experienced a connectedness with all people and a knowing that in her healing was their healing as well.


Sarya slipped out of bed and hurried to ready herself to meet Angel, careful not to wake her husband and children.  The sun would not be up long before she’d be back to care for them and go with her husband to the fields to work.  Now was her time to continue her soul’s pilgrimage to ultimate healing and peace, to spiritual enlightenment.  She tip-toed downstairs and out the front door, closing it quietly behind her.


Across the way, under a street lamp flickering between night and day, was Angel, waiting.  Sarya ran to her and the two embraced warmly, briefly, and went on their way hurriedly, not speaking, just smiling, to the town adjacent to their little village, just a few minutes away.  Once there, they walked a quarter of the way down the main street and up the grand, stone steps to the glowing cavern.


Excitement brewed within both Sarya and Angel as they entered through the enormous archway and then through the heavy wood and metal doors.  They left their shoes on the mat just inside the door and reverently approached the alter.  They bowed their holy greeting and placed their orders—a double Venti Latte and a Grande Caramel Macchiato.  They bowed again as they received their change, and slowly, quietly made their way to a cozy couch and coffee table area to commune with the other Starbucks believers.






Thank you, N : )


Candle-lit temple, Amarapura at from Rheanna2’s Flickr photo stash at  Again, I loved the work and I urge the photo enthusiasts among you to take a look. 


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Missalister’s “Double redemption,” copyright © 2009, was spun off the Sunday Scribblings prompt “#146 – Pilgrimage.”  Click here  for more on prompt #146 from other Sunday Scribblings participants.


17 responses to “Double redemption

  1. got me again, you miss bad ass blogger!!! — always hopelessly hooked in from the git-go and going into an altogether different direction, then WHAM-BAM!!! there’s that there last paragraph spinning me 360, rolling me over, and i wind up in the ditch — must be some latent masochist in my spirit, cuz i can’t help but come back for more every time — dynamite again, me thinks!!! – i mean you had me like in the poorest of the poor african or asian regions, din’tcha, before we wound up in the pumpkin spice latte department??? — i hope that atleast once i can getcha back!!!

  2. DANNI
    Haha! I live to razz the reader however I can! Oh I’m so glad to see you here on my site! You been gone long, Ms. d. And there’s no one can razz me back like you do. I get so much enjoyment from your firecracking comments. Well, I’m glad you do keep coming back and I trust (going on the every dog has his day theory) that you will one day trick the dickens outta me ;-)

  3. Ooo, she a sly one, that Ms A. I can just imagine the diabolical grin of the mad barista, as she inlays her caffeinated clues and then unveils the Holy Macchiato at the end of this fragrant cul de sac. Imperial Seattle Howie, bereft as his team has morphed to thunder and gone south, should be proud and hopeful once again. Double Venti Namaste. :-D

  4. Ha! Miss A.,
    Once again, you set up my grievously somber self and then mischievously pull the rug out from under.
    Sarya and Angel’s communion, in sanctuary or cofeehouse, pulled me in as did the connectedness Sarya experienced in her pilgrimage. Your stories enage the serious topics of life and are laced with just the right amount of mirth so as not take yourself so seriously. A lesson here for me.

  5. The trickster at work! I loved how you set me up and then spun me around, leaving me in unexpected territory. Always fun to play along around here.

  6. This is a true suspense story, rich in sensory images. I was completely in the mind of the protagonist, and then enjoyed a hearty laugh at the unexpected revelation at the end. In fact I think I’ll go to the kitchen and fix myself a cup of coffee (alas, no Starbucks near enough to walk to).

  7. Hahah! Funny!
    We all have our little pilgrimages and places of worship, it doesn’t really matter where they are.

    In the throb and vibe of healing, she experienced a connectedness with all people and a knowing that in her healing was their healing as well. Very Piscean!

    These few sentences of high-end entertainment came at me like a fast-paced movie trailer. I was torn between big-eyed wonder at your way with words and howls of laughter. I guess fortunately for me the howls predominated, although now I wonder if I should have let myself get sucked into the vortex of the trailer… Now I feel like I missed a prime rabbit hole opportunity…


    I can see you grievously somber! You painted it well. Certainly I have my share of warped, out of proportion moments, and when I do and see how scrapping my self-seriousness is, it shocks me back to silly with its ugliness ; )


    Ooh a “fabulous”! But dang it, your hunch there’d be a twist just goes to show I’m getting better at keeping a secret but still have a way to go! LOL! Glad to see you back around : )


    You too ; ) Glad to see you here for the Starbucks surprise!


    It’s good, your playing along as I play along and stumble around here. You’re a good companion to have on that kind of pilgrimage ; )


    Haha, your supremely concise summations! There’s an art in them that I enjoy so much : )


    A hearty laugh! Oh good, good! Mission accomplished. And about the coffee? Truth be known, I never did get hooked on Starbucks. It’s too expensive a drug. I’m blissfully fine with Folgers Breakfast blend every morning.


    Yeah, well someone had to play jester to your seriously reflective and delightful poem ; ) Surprisingly it turned out to be a Pisces in the mood to play : )

  9. a googly in an anecdote, if there was one, and what a delightful one at that. the somewhat somebre descriptions of the characters and everything else leads us one quite well, only to the most enjoyable crescendo.

    hope you have a wonderful year ahead, missA, and continue to delight your readers just as you do now. hugs :)

    I’m glad you had some fun with this, Bum! And thank you so much for the hopes and hugs : )
    I wish you double the same ;-)

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