The tea paragraph


time07.jpg picture by pemerytx 

© Argishti Khachik



In the very center of a long, flurry of a letter from a dear friend, was a central core of low pressure.  A swirl of self-revelation stopped abruptly, and before starting up again, became calm for a blink of this eye of the storm:


…i so enjoy a cup of guyaki yerba mate’s pure empower mint with a drop of honey.  and you know, i use my teabags twice, not because i doubt the abundance of the universe, but because i am grateful for it.  i don’t know why i am writing this… oh well.”


This simplicity is the cloud that parks over your head and douses you with its reality in the middle of a rant.  You shake off the water of it and walk away—the shock, the suddenness of it enough to make you forget what you’d taken exception to.


It’s the tiniest nutmeat—the hors d’oeuvre to accompany drinks at the party for the multitudes—prior to the courses of fishes and loaves.


In the midst of the desperate scrambling and cramming in of things into the time of our world, our country, our lives, this is the hand that stops the pendulum.  You look up at the lack of ticking, draw in a tiny breath and hold it, expecting death.  Time explodes in your face.  In a good way.  It’s all been a joke. 


There’s time, there’s plenty of time in this lifetime of your lifetimes.


Your voice is heard and answered.  Your work gets done.  Your life gets lived as it’s meant to be lived…


…all in the context of exploded time.





Photo taken by Argishti Khachik, gallery profile at


12 responses to “The tea paragraph

  1. I seem to have a bunch of those exploding-simple moments, where there’s just silence and me. There’s nothing else and I can really just be…me, as scary as it may be. ;)

    Oh, DM, but that’s awesome, you know? You are one of the lucky ones, for in the moments when time stops, when you’re floating in the space of no time, you see things as they really are, and when you get “back,” your life has automatically changed its tack for the better that you may or may not see until later. Ooh, I sound a bit too new-agey…maybe I’m a hippy at heart… Ahhhh! ;-)

  3. THOMG
    Watching is it! I try to watch but get distracted. Still, there are the times I’m successful and do see a rabbit hole of an opportunity, and then are others when it hits me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Regardless, I love this expression that I first heard from spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle, “Watch the mousehole,” which is so perfect! When you think of the tenacity of a cat as it waits, crouched in its code orange heightened state of alert, until by god that mouse ventures out distracted (like me in oblivion), with its nose wriggling : )
    Oh, god, I am a hippy at heart…

  4. if there was a way in which life was ‘meant to be lived’ then i would never go that way…. Instead i would wait for that fraction when time stops ticking…. What can i say i love being depressed :)

    “Meant to be lived” meaning destiny, meaning you don’t get to choose, meaning roll, roll, roll, like the Roadhouse Blues, well alright!
    Hey Drumster! You haven’t been ‘round here in eons, and it sure is good to see you! Speaking of eons, you haven’t posted anything in a coon’s age, Brother, so why not take advantage of the dark ages and post something black and to the bone in your Kerouac style that I love? ;-)
    But never mind me, just keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel, yeah, we’re going to the roadhouse, gonna have a real good time…

  6. Haha, you said it and I did it. Somehow I can’t get around to writing these days unless I am traveling. There’s not enough solitude and depression. So on a recent trip to ‘Gods own country’ in India I wrote some stuff..

    Thank you, my man! I wish more would hop to and please me with words like that ;-)
    Such slow-easiness of life in your wistful watching, makes me wish you traveled more : )

  8. A breathful moment midst Ms A’s explorations of the dark side of the Moon or, say, Chomolungma. Thank you for this and your ascents of the dark sides as well.

  9. ANNO
    Ah, good! Glad that drop of honey hit the spot! That whole thing with the e-mail still makes me grin ear to ear. All the animation, then a stock-still pause as for a commercial break… My favorite part is, “…and you know, I use my teabags twice…” Precious : )


    Yes, you’re so welcome, and well you know, even Nova, whose breed originally hails from Tibet, won’t go near a challenge like that. He shifted positions near my feet and we did more of that paperwork—a feasibility study so to speak—that you and I were talking about
    the other day!

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