Organic chemistry—garbage in, garbage out


NYCads01.jpg picture by pemerytx 


Cin was plucked from dreamland at 5:30am by the racket of the clock radio, “Goldman Sachs said that its second-quarter profit fell by 11 percent from the same time last year…”  She slapped the radio silent and lay there while the gears in her head came to life with the particulars—who she was, where she had to be, what was on her plate for the day.  The Surrey proposal.  Cin opened her eyes wide.


Her boss wanted that proposal by the end of today.  She slid out of bed and went into fast forward—to the kitchen to start the flow of coffee, to the newspaper to take a quick glance, “As confidence in Lehman’s survival has faded, the chairman and chief executive, Richard S. Fuld Jr., has stepped up efforts to sell the 158-year-old bank…” then she headed to the bathroom to get ready.


On her way out, Cin poured the last of the coffee into her travel mug, swung her laptop case over her shoulder and grabbed her purse.  She stepped out, locked the door, heard the ping of the elevator and ran to catch it.  She watched the LCD ad panel on her way down to the lobby, “Bank of America, the nation’s leading financial institution and home for all your personal financial needs.”


She hurried across the lobby and out to the street.  She snagged a cab and succumbed to the usual barrage of information on buses and buildings on her way into work, “Chase what matters—JP Morgan Chase.  Microsoft—where do you want to go today?  Capital One—what’s in your wallet?  Maybe she’s born with it.  Maybe it’s Maybelline.  HSBC—the world’s local bank…”


Cin paid the cab fare, ran inside her office building and onto the elevator.  She watched the ad panel on the way to the sky, “Do more—American Express,” and headed down the hall to her office.  She slid her laptop into the docking station and was well into the Surrey proposal when the phone rang.  “Shit!” she whispered.  To answer it or not?  To lose this groove or not?  What if it’s something important?  “Aw, hell!”  She stopped typing and picked up the phone.




“Yeah?  Margot?”


“Yeah!  Hey, Cin!  Real quick:  my boss is having another of his very exclusive parties at his pad downtown.  It’s the usual drill:  I’m to invite a friend and keep the party mixed up.  Will you come?”


“Oh Christ, Margot…I don’t know…I’ve got to finish this propos…”


“Cin, Cin, Cin.  Get your priorities straight, Girly-Q.  Samuel Price and other top execs are going to be there!  You’ve got to get out and be seen, flaunt your wares, get out of that shit job!”


“Listen, Margot…”


“I’ll see you at my place at seven.”  Click.


Cin sat there holding the phone, feeling the deadness of the connection, her job, her life…  What would she wear?  What would she say to the execs and socialites that would be there?  She was small time compared…


Enough of that.  Cin shook her head, snapped out of it, got real.  “Just finish the proposal,” she told herself, “let the rest take care of itself.”  She put her phone on DND, focused, refused visitors, ate lunch at her desk, put everything and everyone off, got the thing done.  It was 5pm.  She packed up, grabbed the proposal and dropped it off with her boss’ admin so she wouldn’t have to get into it in person with him.


She was out the door and in a cab by 5:15pm.  She was safe.  If her boss called her cell, she just wouldn’t answer it.  She sat back and watched all the ads fly by, “One client at a time—Morgan Stanley.  After dark—Tia Maria.  Now there’s a thought—Barclays.  Digitally yours—Samsung…” and she imagined her closet, what she would put on after a quick bite to eat and a make-up refresh.


Cin left for Margot’s a little late and ended up showing up there at 7:15pm, cringing.  Margo was tapping her toe and fidgeting with her jewelry, waiting, and looking like ten million bucks in her deep red, strappy dress and sling-back, black shoes.  “Oh, my god, Margot!  Look at you!  I shouldn’t have worn pants, should I?”


“Don’t be silly, hon, you look absolutely gorgeous!  Now, let’s go!


They hit the top floor of Margot’s boss’ building right on time and were offered champagne at the door to the living area.  Margot led Cin over to a small group of people and introduced her to them all.  Then she winked and took off to do her mixing thing.


One of the most forward in the group, Ted Darren, tax counsel for American Express, sized Cin up as a dumb blonde, gave the others a “Watch this“ wink and said to her, “Hello, Cin.  Welcome.  We were just talking about the economy, specifically about the banking world, and were discussing hints of a credit market thaw.  Do you see signs of a thaw?”


Cin looked down nervously for a moment, then lifted her smiling face to them all and answered, “Marginally, yes.  I see that banks are lending to one another again, but Main Street’s not seeing it yet.  The Treasury’s giving $250 billion to the banks for the purpose of lending, yet it seems they’re going to hold onto it for some time to cover their expected losses.  And also to buy other banks!  Which the Treasury is actually allowing!  That chaps my ass.  Stronger banks, that’s what we need, not bigger banks…”


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Missalister’s “Organic chemistry—garbage in, garbage out,” copyright © 2008, was spun off the Sunday Scribblings prompt “#145 – Organic.”  Click here for more on prompt #145 from other Sunday Scribblings participants.

15 responses to “Organic chemistry—garbage in, garbage out

  1. Well, Cin was certainly ready, at the cue, to release back out into the world all that had gone in! Very funny! I like how you wove the refuse around her and into her day and life.

  2. THOMG
    So! WordPress took a shine to you this time? My “little talk” with it did some good maybe? Well, it’s good to see you here! And I’m glad you’re digging the stark real estate ;-)


    Present! What are you doing still up??? Did you quit your teaching job? I’m a fine one to talk, eh? Look at me, still up, and having to work in Austin tomorrow (on paper, haha!). If I ever do have to physically show up in Austin on a job, I’ll drive down to Tres Leches, bust in on one of Paschal’s classes and report back to you ;-)

  3. Tilling and turning the soil can rob it of structure, diminish its nutrients. Not so here: just good, rich material, and — do my eyes deceive me? — a bit of healthy green rebellion showing through at the end? More Cin, please!

  4. maybe this is a stretch but this story reminds me of William Gibson’s writings? I read Pattern Recognition and it reminds me of that! Good job.

  5. I imagine you had to immerse yourself in slogans to write this!
    I suppose you need to have a passion to deal with the finances from so early in the morning, rather Cin than me, I say!

  6. The title says Cin’s statement is just more garbage, though I couldn’t do any better myself. Are slogans all we have to work with? Thirty years ago I worked in a building of financial offices and the men’s room walls were covered with math equations and arithmetic. I wonder what written there nowadays.

    NO! The two-ended candle trick?! Listen, present, I’ve tried it. I keep trying it and it always ends up the same, badly. But hey, maybe you’re like me: your mouth says you hate self-inflicted pain but your actions say Ooh, this is just so great! ;-)


    JEFF B
    Ah, yes! I’ve noticed you at BJ’s. And now I see you on the SS list! Well then, I welcome you both there and of course especially here ; ) Thanks for stopping by to check this place out : )


    Oh oh…I just realized with your “More Cin, please!” that you’d commented that you could do with more miracle vignette-type stuff as well. I’d love to do more of both types of writing, actually, yet I wander creatively aimlessly about… Well, it’s now written in my planner where I keep writing ideas.
    I loved this tilling and turning comment, btw.


    A delightful, impromptu visit from one of my dearest blogging friends!
    Mais oui! and so it is that I trust your going around the blogosphere will keep you coming around here :-D


    So good to see you back around! The truth is, I don’t read many books and most of the ones I do start I don’t finish. I’ve not read William Gibson ever, but certainly now I’m curious and will check out an excerpt of his at the very least. Thanks for that : )


    I have to say I love a good ad so I pay attention that way. The brass tacks of finances leave me cold, but what I do like is reading about companies. Who’s buying who and why? And oh those crazy CEOs: what are they doing now? And what are the galaxies like Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett sucking up and spitting out? It’s like “People Magazine” with more realistic objects of study ;-)


    Well, hello there, Bass! Good to see you here with your stirrer-uppers ;-)
    Cin’s statement is about news of recession, banks and businesses failing—the refuse of capitalism’s backside—in our ears and out our mouths.
    About the men’s rooms walls, here’s my guess: hangman (and other) stick figures and expletives :-D

  8. Cin’s walking through Adam Smith’s stations of the cross, the day’s tumbling dice, to ride in the end, like Faulkner’s corporal, up to the seats of power, tempted (by the seats) to play the game, all spit shine and spin, Enron’s smartboyz, deer in the headlights of their own diabolical tomfoolery.

  9. BJ ROAN
    Part A – It was indeed some of the yummiest garbage!
    Part B – Oh, thankya, thankya…but BJ, what about your nonstop ideas? You are an idea machine! My imagination’s like an old car, sometimes it runs, sometimes it don’t and and when it don’t, it’s hard to impossible to get parts fer it!


    Holy wow, that was one slickety-fine offering of a comment, Mister. You are ruler of the comment world but don’t gloat. Most of us realize the particular brand of brain you’re running is akin to driving a top-fuel dragster on the streets. There’s no parking places that long and nitromethane ain’t cheap!

    Haha! Meeting on paper streets, at a paper restaurant, eating paper enchiladas! ¡sí y nosotros comerá bien! (I have no idea what I’m doing in Spanish. I was brought up close to Canada!)

    And I just remembered I wanted to go back and tell you about Sal… Mañana maybe ;-)

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