one day, the day



The audience was well-heeled and duly enthralled with the Lake George Opera’s performance of Handel’s Messiah when, directly after the last measure of Part I, Scene 6, the Saratoga High School drum line precision-beat its way from left stage and proceeded to part the bass and tenor sections straight down the middle.  The opera company acted as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, but from the mostly pained expressions on their faces, the audience suspected that this shocking display was a galling teen prank.  The SHS drum line continued to dance and drum and twirl their drumsticks stunningly down the middle aisle to the back of the theatre.  And it wasn’t until the drum line leader and all twelve drummers abruptly stopped, spun around toward the audience and shouted in unison, Our drums to your eardrums!  Listening to one another!  The greatest gift you can give!  Merry Christmas!  that the audience realized the rare and spectacular nature of this utterly unique performance of an already astounding work.  There was a slight pause before the audience, in tearful joy, jumped from their seats and broke deeply appreciatively into wild applause and bravoes at least five minutes into the intermission.  The remaining fifteen minutes of this intermission would be the most buzzing intermission in Messiah performance history to date.










Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas!  And an all-around Happy Day to all who don’t : )

Miss A

12 responses to “one day, the day

  1. That’s so good to hear, present! When I started this weird countdown, I really didn’t expect any comments at all. You and my other pals surprised the Dickens out of me. So thank you! :-)


    Hey there paschal! Glad you liked the brand of craziness happenin’ here. It’s not like the kind of crazy one would have to be to count down all the way to Mardi Gras…

    …I’ll think about it ;-)

  2. i return after a while and am not disappointed at all! to think, i missed the countdown…but i am glad i caught the finale. as i drank in the post i could almost see you smiling. there’s such a lot of love in what you write – its difficult not to get affected.

  3. Hello, Devil Mood! As always, a pleasure to hear from you, mystify you, or whatever else I can do for you ;-)


    Hi, BJ! Top o’ the rollercoaster to ye!


    Phish? Well if it ain’t one of my favorite writers on this whole planet! Phish, it is so incredibly good to see the letters of your name right here on my site in front of me. And I’m pleased you found love in something here. Most times when folks rummage ‘round, they find unfiltered angst, or angst-driven darkness, or angst-mangled characters, or… LOL! Really, really good to see you, my man :-D

  4. I’m a lonely wanderer who dropped by today, and can’t stay long, but I really liked the marching band photo and the incident described. Two or three or four types of music are stirring to me, and one of those on the shortlist is a dynamite rhythm ensemble in marching regalia, and another is orchestral depth and precision. You have to be present when such things happen… the air must vibrate and the seats shake slightly and the dynamics of breathy timbres versus crashing thunders must interplay. The Experience cannot be captured and pirated away for later… and will never repeat itself the same way twice. What it does is to remind us, if we think about it, of the perishability of NOW…

  5. Welcome, Michael. Well, you stayed longer than the majority, I’d say. You’re at least as wordy as I am and my experience is, unless the words fall from the ether just so, it takes time to arrange them just so as you’ve done here. I agree regarding being there vs. a recording, even if you’ve got the best speakers in the free world, there’s nothing like sniffing the creativity and being shaken up by the vibes. But I’d make a small fuss about the word “perishability” for the fun of looking at a thing from a different perspective. I’d say the now, the moment, although passed, is vitally alive as part of what we are now and what we will become with the addition of future nows : ) A little fun there. Hey, thanks for stopping by, Michael, and for letting me know you were here.

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