five days


12days_milkmaids01.jpg picture by pemerytx 


After seeing the photo of themselves preparing to take a walk on the wild side, they collectively felt it would have been best not to have watched “Thelma & Louise,” that perhaps they didn’t have the hearts to go quite that far, and that their jobs at Binky’s Milkhouse weren’t really so bad.




4 responses to “five days

  1. Miss A. I wonder if it was the moment, just before they were fully awake, more awake and alive than they had ever been, that they pulled back their hearts? Pulled back from the point of no return that would have made going back to Binky’s impossible?

  2. Hi present! That could very well be. I get the feeling that it just wasn’t time for them yet. They made a big step this time, though. Maybe next time… ;-)

    Hi Ms. Mood! I’m so glad you’ve joined the glistening snow and stars and folderol! There’s so much to do at this time of year, so it means all the more that you visited :-D

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