seven days


12days_sixgeese08.jpg picture by pemerytx


The Canadian Forces flight demonstration squadron, the Golden Geese, lands after a stellar performance showcasing remarkable tactical aviation, low and up close.  The record crowd of 120,000 rocked and rolled to speed metal blasting over loudspeakers as these top-ranked aviators delivered an hour-long program of high-performance maneuvers.  The squadron set up for the grand slam with a Falcon Turn pulling straight up into the pinnacle of precision flying, the renowned Delta breakout.  Spectacular !




4 responses to “seven days

  1. Oh, noble Goose,
    inspired bird,
    of freedom do you boast;
    to lay your eggs
    most anywhere,
    like here, inside a post.

    can’t wait for the egg nog!

  2. You are really rolling with this, not a dissonant note or skipped beat anywhere, and great fun to read. I miss, though, the Emily Litella bits…

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