ten days


12days_frenchhens02.jpg picture by pemerytx


Three cabaret dancers from France found work at The Hen House in midtown Atlanta, on Northwest Spring Street.  Even though they refused to strip their feathers and tease their hair, Mötley Crüe blew off the girls at Tattletails just to see them do the can-can, again and again.



Cabaret dancers:


5 responses to “ten days

  1. Oh my, this is so much fun! I’m loving the snow flurries and your take on the twelve days. Might even inspire me to make some wassail and join the party.

  2. Chica, I’ve been hesitant to chime in cuz I keep thinkin’ my math is off or else you’re counting down to Boxing Day, but my my my the snow beats all. Big cauldron of whimsy be brewin’ up in Essenceville. More than the usual. Baby hearts, I’d say.

    Keep it comin’. Like the red girls. Shouldn’t that be HOTlanta? Cheers.

  3. Oh! To be young again, and again ! ( Maybe I DO need to get out more. ) And I do so want to sing along with this song!

  4. Hi anno! I haven’t bothered to find out what’s gotten into me lately. If I know what it is, I might put a stop to it ;-) I do know I would love some of your wassail! And you’re always and ever enthusiastically invited to any party goin’ on here. Tomorrow there’s a big party planned, so I hope you’ll stop by and sign the “guest book” :-D
    As for you, paschal, anytime’s a good time to show up. Your math’s not off. I am, and happily so. There still is no reason to my rhyme. Of course your Episcopalian self knows the “official” twelve days begins on Christmas day and ends at the beginning of Epiphany on January 6, but I’m ‘splainin’ it here in your slot, on your dime, for other readers of this nonsense, that what’s goin’ on here is a 1:1 mix of goof and ball :-)
    Baby hearts and HOTlanta, yesss : )
    Well, hellooo, Bass! So the shoe does fit? ; ) LOL! Go ahead and sing…
    On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
    a whole buncha junk I don’t need,
    What he didn’t know was he coulda saved some time
    and brought me a little peace of mind…
    Well, you’re a poet, you can fix this ;-) In the meantime, thank you so much for being part of the folderol : )

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