eleven days


12days_turtledoves03.jpg picture by pemerytx


After her husband had been killed by a car on the first day of winter, Mrs. Turtledove had taken up residence atop a light just outside the doctors’ building entrance.  The hum of the light comforted her and the people coming and going would amuse her until mating season came ‘round.



PHOTO:  lone turtle dove:  http://www.strawberrygardens.nhs.uk/files/TurtleDovesNest08.jpg


7 responses to “eleven days

  1. LOL! Well, present, that’s certainly true for humans, and I wouldn’t think of refuting your theory in relation to birds, either, but if I were in a betting situation, I’d put my money on Mrs. Turtledove re-marrying come spring, because turtle doves are known to form strong pair bonds ;-)

  2. Hi GeL, yeah, I got both common and uncommon this season : )
    Mrs. T-D’ll be fine, though. I heard she takes life a lot less personally than we humans ; )

    Susan! I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age! This is so great! …even though you’ve caught me dripping with abject fatuity… Aw, hell, it happens…
    But yes, the little T-bird, so cute stuffed up there, just blending : )

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