In good company


2006Cottage09.jpg picture by pemerytx



The cottage has a life of its own.  Its secret is palpable.  It’s clear that the wind and waves have played passionately here.  And the air inside is still and smells of a million bright memories.  Sunshine is thick, the smile of it bursting within, the reflection of it shimmery on the water without.  All the fond things inside—the baskets, the kitchen utensils, the wicker chairs—are exactly as they were left on the last good day of summer.  And there’s a feel, as if the cottage has hustled to put everything back where it belongs on hearing footsteps crunch the stones outside.  But it’s obvious the serenity of early morning fogs, the beauty of the days, and the cycles of the moon have not only been its daily guests, but have long accepted the cottage as one of their own.  Joy follows relief to feel this, to see with certainty that this special place in my heart will remain safe and just as I leave it, each time I leave it—in good company.  And when I return again to help shore it up for the winter months, it will act as now, as if nothing at all has happened, or moved beneath the stars.




2007Cottage05.jpg picture by pemerytx


8 responses to “In good company

  1. How wonderful to have such a special place to go back too. Some places built with our memories and our moments spent gain a life of their own and a magic that is always there every time we go back.

  2. Well, girlfriend, it’s good to see that stilleto-woman has a place to go to. She was needin’ a place to repair. Not that I’m mistaking character for author, no no.

    Van, from Pagan Streams:

    As the great, great, great, great, great, great, great
    Being watches over
    And we repair, repair, repair, shhh, repair, shhh, we repair
    To honey street, to honey street.

  3. Void: in 2006 I got to stay there for two weeks straight by myself (and the fluffy white boy shown above, of course) and it was D*I*V*I*N*E. It was a writer’s dream, only I wasn’t writing then! LOL!

    danni: I used to feel bad about leaving that awesome place all alone but when we showed up yesterday afternoon to do a couple of maintenance items, as soon as I walked in I got the hit that this place has a life of its own, is finer than fine when no one is here! I hurried to write it all down and later on turned it into a post. I’m glad you liked it :-)

    Ms. Mood: amen, Sister! I love how you put that. That’s exactly it. On Cape Cod, MA is another place that’s magic like that for me. And I know if I went back to Dallas I’d feel the magic, too, in a Texas-sized way. It’s another of one of the best experiences we humans have the potential to have on this planet :-)

    paschal: amen, Brother! I finished a telecom project and took a couple of days to walk the pagan streams and search for white horses on surrounding hills. But there were none. Only horses dark did I see when I repaired to quiet sleep ;-)

  4. anno: LOL! I know! Isn’t it insane?!
    I’m glad you liked this enough to bookmark it…gives me the heart glow :-)

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