Goodbye computerized Dallas TX, hello small-town upstate NY


voting_machine_1.jpg picture by pemerytx


The good deed for the day is done.  I voted at the local fire station around 10:15am ET today using one of the most antiquated voting machines I’ve ever seen, the old lever system as pictured above.  The instant I saw the thing regret mired me in a perfectionist’s nightmare.  Even being cognizant of that, I still wasted time wishing I’d thought not to assume, but to wonder, and maybe even find out what kind of system this one-horse town would be using.  Then buzzers and a red-flashing warning went off in my head as I realized what was going on.  The seniors of the world were meting out a measure of punishment on the youngers of the world.  I looked around me.  Sure enough.  At this ‘tween time of day I was surrounded by them.  Just get this over with, I thought to myself as I stepped quick into the booth.  I grabbed the curtains and tried to close them but they kept snapping back open.  A senior volunteer hollered over at me, “You have to pull the red lever to the right to close the curtains and begin voting!”  I turned back toward the contraption, What lever? I thought.  Oh THAT lever!  The bigass one that coulda poked my eye out with its potential to be so obvious…  I looked back at the volunteer and she smiled sicky-sweet.  So, I thought, this is how seniors feel in front of a Mac.

voting1.jpg picture by pemerytx




Ancient voting machine snagged from

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7 responses to “Goodbye computerized Dallas TX, hello small-town upstate NY

  1. Mi amiga, scitilop has just not been good to you of late, topped off with today’s paleolithic voting abacuses (abacata, abaci). Here’s hoping that whatever deus ex massage therapist is in the sky has got her eye on you and has mega-plans to plop you down on her table and squeegee all the election year toxins right on out the door.

    Laissez les bon temps roulez…

  2. paschal: has scitilop been good to any level-headed, sane person of late? Even those of us bent toward Type A, lightly seasoned with neuroses, etc. can see we been livin’ on a nutrient-raked diet of excrément du taureau! Et, mon bon ami, if no dog and pony show is presiding over our beloved country when I awake on the morrow, that, along with vos mots calmants shall be my squeegee nonpareil.

    et comment!

  3. Ah I love that graffito :)
    That looks like a very strange machine, I wouldn’t dream of how to use it. Over here we keep it simple: a piece of paper and a pen…voila, the joy of democracy!
    Your deed worked, hurray for you!

  4. Oh, anno, things are looking super-absolument fantastique!!!
    I am at once elated and ashamed for having lost faith in the American people. I swear to you I thought the majority would choose just more of the same. This is a momentous event and time in history. I do have hope, major hope :-D

    HURRAY! indeed, Ms. Mood! And believe me, by the time I was done with that alien abacus, I was thinking Just give me a GD pieca paper anda pen!!! Thanks so much for stopping by to share the joy :-D

  5. ………… on behalf of those of us who have the inescapable misfortune of being chronologically challenged, i’d like to say … oh shit! forgot what i was gonna say … oh, well!!! — i’ll just use my sickly-sweet smile!!! — great post with a great huge VEE for all the smart young ‘uns!!!!!

  6. Wait a minute, don’t Canadians age at roughly 69% of the normal rate? So that’d make you somewhere around 45? Nice try, danni ;-)

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