Even it up – good vibes, good world

If you see that the glass is half full, you probably smile, take your time with the rest of your drink and ask for another round if that’s indeed what you want.  But if you see that the glass is half empty, chances are you go home and whine about ineptitude, bad service or a world full of lack, the only thing a glass-is-half empty type sees an abundance of!  Well grumble no more, for my friend Devil Mood has lit my way to the cure.  This is the antidote to what’s ailing in my last post.  Here’s the prescription to boost the banding together for good: 

Goodnews 600mg

Sig: i po qd pc prn


Refills:  100


So now we can take our meds every morning like the good patients of positivity that we are.  After we’ve had a quick bite of mainstream Darth Vader world news to find out if we need to evacuate Earth or not, we can visit one or more of the sites listed below, ingest as much heaven on earth as we can stand (or have time for before getting to work) and pass the good vibes around.  Then one day the Darth Vader News will be the Skywalker Review… 

http://www.goodnewsdaily.com/  This is a heavy-hitter presented well for the quickest panoramic view of what’s going on worldwide, on the good side.

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/  This is more holistically oriented, less edgy, but still good layout, good content.

http://www.goodnewsbroadcast.com/  This is even less edgy than goodnewsnetwork, but the sunny, hope-giving layout and content are healing.

http://www.happynews.com/  This is light duty, strictly OTC. 

Photo and artwork above from Getty Images 


10 responses to “Even it up – good vibes, good world

  1. now you see, THIS is the kind of information I like! Thank you! Linked to the sites and added them to my sidebar….one can always use a bit of good news.

  2. Rebecca: of course! I know you’re a healthy one. Your essays are ruled by Upbeat, which is probably why I occasionally root around over at your place as I struggle with my big decision—to go “felicitous writer” or “brooding artist?” ;-)
    I see you had quite the link fiesta. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Now, Dharmabum, the thing that makes me want to thank you is the same thing that makes me want to tell you how much I like your posts and whatnot…so you see I can’t change one and not the other! ;-) You’ll just have to suffer being at the mercy of my thank-yous! :-P

  4. i am back. (or so i think) this post refreshed me. like many others before. good news for me is rare. and often with an aggressive anti-climax that life always keeps reserved for me.

    i might sound like i am whining but i am a rather happy soul. its just that the world has different designs for people like me. like how dare you be happy? how dare you fall in love? how dare you make a plan?


  5. Phish? Is that really you??? Oh my fish I mean oh my god I mean how perfectly lovely to see you here again. I’m glad you enjoyed this mini-post. I must say I haven’t been very inspired. You don’t make a very good muse, you know, what with your absenteeism and all… But you’re worth it. I have an idea how you are. Our birthdays are only seven days apart, after all. We don’t deserve to be happy or to fall in love or to make plans and we do derive a sick pleasure in all that and perpetuate it, but still occasionally it happens that we find ourselves in a place, on a precipice, at a table across from our dreams, raising glasses of dry ice, toasting perfection easily made so by our passion, and no one can care, for it’s their turn not to dare, no none of us has cornered the market on chance. Welcome back for however long you’re here ;-)

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