Sunday Scribblings – Our time on Earth

What if we are right here right now existing as time travelers?  Nothing says we have to strap ourselves into a spacecraft and rocket into deep space at half the speed of light or greater to be called a time traveler.  Nothing says we have to take a mind trip forward or back, nor does anything specify that we have to be real-time in a place in time of our choosing, having recently stepped from a De Lorean in the clothes we came in, with all our memories crisply in tact.

What if the womb is the spacecraft, the time machine we emerged from, and our bodies are the spacesuits that are necessary to sustain us during our visit to this place called planet Earth?  What if every one of us is right here right now at this place with only vague hints of what former places in time we have visited?  We know we’re on a journey, and some of us know we’re on a mission because we can feel it.  We can’t explain it logically, but most of us have a sense of having a specific purpose, being here for a reason.  And perhaps those of us who have a weak sense of purpose, or no sense of purpose at all, are new and just beginning our journeys, and our missions for the time being are to find our missions.

Some of us showed up here with extraordinary talents, with amazing skills that are old hat, like a fish doesn’t have to ask how to exist in water, it just does.  What if the reason is that we travel to different places in time to learn from different people that can show us how to do even better what we have always been interested in doing and knowing?  Maybe each one of us has traveled through time honing our talents, and each time we touch down in a different place in time we’re even better at those skills.  And what if those of us who are not yet maestros, world leaders, best-selling authors, grammy-award winners, pro-athletes, and the like, are simply on our way to reaching those levels of existence?

Perhaps we’re just in varying stages of expertise and wisdom during the process of accumulating experience and knowledge regarding our talents and interests.  And supposing our talents and interests are a key component to our mission which is to fulfill our purpose, and that we travel to the places that will best facilitate and advance our missions?  Or possibly our mission is simply the fun of traveling and we will continue that mission indefinitely or infinitely, from place in time to place in time.  But right here right now, you and I who are participating in Sunday Scribblings, and all the other six semodd billion people in the world, have chosen this planet for some reason.  And presumably when we’ve obtained everything we need from this place, we’ll shed our spacesuits and enter another spacecraft, a new time machine that’s specially equipped to take us to the next destination of our choice.


What do you feel like you are doing here?  What’s your purpose or mission?

What’s your best talent or skill?  Do you feel like you were born with it or developed it?

What are the things you’ve purposely set out to learn, or do, or be good at?

And what more would you like to experience before you leave the planet? 


All artwork and photos above by Getty Images


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18 responses to “Sunday Scribblings – Our time on Earth

  1. Dear Missalister,
    Your post made me want to cry. I wish I know my quest and purpose here. I feels so incomplete. Your message is so aptly conveyed. I think you know a lot more than I do about life and our purpose, and I will visit often to savour the nuggets of wisdom you offer


  2. Welcome Shakirah: And your comment made me want to find out more about you! I stopped by your blog site and found the writing of no incomplete individual, but rather one who expresses herself interestingly and well and one who is solid in her heritage. Just your wish for your children and your recognition of what needs to be done—keeping alive the kind of warmth and solidarity that you knew as a child and as a parent embracing the similarities of other parents as a leading example—is, by itself one of the greatest purposes and quests we can have! So I hope you do visit often and share some of your wisdom with me! :-)

  3. I love this post, the idea that this is only part of our journeying through space and time. I’ve thought similar ideas myself before but hadn’t thought of them in exactly that way. I think one of the problems with modern society is that too few people listen to their sense of purpose

  4. Awesome, deep thoughts! I believe that I was given a purpose by God even before the moment of birth. At times I struggle with exactly what that purpose is, but faith is believing despite the unknowns. There is a purpose. I try to use the gifts I’ve been given in the best way I see fit, while listening to the spirit within for guidance. Sometimes I feel I’m on the right path, but when it doesn’t feel right, I take it as a sign to try something new. And I’m forever trying new things! Hopefully, I am accomplishing my purpose in the process. ;o)

  5. I truly believe that. Your what ifs sound more reasonable that most of the what ifs in the world. And it also resembled the karma/dharma theory of reincarnation.
    It seems reasonable to me that we’ve been living for longer than our bodies (at least I have so many connections with places and eras that I haven’t yet met), than we chose to be born in this environment because of particular challenges and growth that we need to develop and that ultimately we’re all trying to reach a higher level of “perfection” in life.

    That being said, I don’t really know what my mission or my talents are. I do have an active imagination and an ability to understand people well. Where that leads me, I don’t know.

  6. So glad you stopped by, Heather! Yes, yes, yes, Amen Sister, all the way through your paragraph! Ditto, everything you wrote in bits and pieces over my life in time until finally they seem to be converging. Less wondering about purpose, more listening within, a greater degree of applying gifts, and faith growing stronger and stronger as I see how miraculously the aforementioned actually works! LOL re: signs! I’m big on looking for signs, but then I go through a period of wondering if the sign was a sign! It’s hilarious. And because childhood conditioning is so miserably hard to write over, sometimes I’ll catch myself trying to stuff square pegs into round holes and go at one thing a million ways before thinking maybe the sign was a sign and moving on! LOL! BUT I know without a doubt that I’m accomplishing my purpose (and I feel safe in saying you are too), that all of that has to get done to learn, to move on.

  7. Hello Crafty Green Poet! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Yours is…well, your entire site is great, so happening, so dynamic! I left you a note there, something to that effect. :-) And yes, definitely there has been too little emphasis on turning inward for the answer to the dreaded question from our parents and the high school counselor regarding what we plan to do for a living! I was a product of that and spent many years as a lemming!

  8. An dearest Devil Mood, your thoughts on this post were worded so well…they embellished, added definition to my more open concept. Always in the back of my mind is the intent to leave writing just ambiguous enough so that most any reader can have some room for their own thoughts to breathe, and I like the feel of what you got from this post!

    About your talents and mission: if you’re supposed to be doing something other than all the awesome things you’re doing already—psychology, astrology, and of course super-blogging!—I can’t imagine what! But I have complete faith, as in there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind, that you’ll pick up the vibes of whatever that might be as you go along. I wandered the earth feeling lost all my life until just recently. In 2006 I quit my big-time corporate job to do something different, hopefully with writing or graphic art, but I was so distraught over the radical life change I couldn’t do anything toward either of those things! I used up all the money I’d set aside for this self-discovery “nonsense” and ended up accepting work as a contractor from the company I left! But ever since I started applying myself to writing and blogging, I’ve been so happy and at peace, feeling so in synch with the universe, like I have a neon sign in front of my face, “Welcome home!” LOL! I have a long way to go yet, but I do not care, I’m enjoying myself so much and know I’ll get there! So if you don’t have the neon sign now, keep aiming toward what you love to do and you’ll get it! :-D

    Oh! before I forget for the umpteenth time, about your astrology gig, some time ago I checked out your Astro Skies site and was really impressed! I made a note to let you know that, but I’ve been busier than usual with work lately. But now you know at least! And I don’t know if you’d be interested or not, but if you wanted to get more “businessy” with Astro Skies I found this incredible, lively Successful Blog site of Liz Strauss’. She posts daily on pertinent topics and is all about the success of businesses and their blogs. I’ve subscribed to her feed. And just reading her posts, the lively comments interaction, and looking in every nook and cranny of her site fills me with inspiration. If you check it out, will you let me know what you think?

  9. Oh thanks :)
    I’m glad you liked the site. I will check out that address as I need all the help I can get.
    I’m truly happy for you about your neon sign, your new path and your joy. You deserve it.

  10. “What if the womb is the spacecraft, the time machine we emerged from, and our bodies are the spacesuits that are necessary to sustain us during our visit to this place called Planet Earth?” I think everything else I read after that is pretty much a blur because I was completely transfixed and left speechless on this brilliant, brilliant and highly creative sentence!!! Damn that was good!


  11. Welcome, Rebecca! Good gosh I’m glad you liked that thing that slipped from the ether to me to the internet! Just being the middle-man didn’t stop me from taking credit for that A+, though, and you know I just had to see who I was dealing with here! Your profile could be me, minus a couple of things. And a main drift in your WI Rebirth piece, the squelching of a talent for writing, rings true as well. A high school English teacher took an interest in me but I was too clueless, too blind. And my parents took me all over New England to interviews at several colleges where I’d presumably pursue journalism, but I turned up my nose at all of it. I spent most of my life tossed like a buoy, going where the waves and wind went. So I loved this, “In the absence of a voice you wish was not your own, what then do you do?” It felt my size so I tried it on… I really have no choice. At least it’s a voice and at least if I use it I’ll only go half crazy. ;-)

  12. hello, just wanted to leave you a link from that series on my blog:

    It’s from the same episode. To put it in context: Steve’s girlfriend found a pornographic tape in his VCR and she asks him to explain in front of the guests what it was all about. And he does that brilliantly. Hope you enjoy it.

  13. Hey Missalister,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving that lovely comment of urs. I am glad someone did like my music and is following it (other than me P)…Guess we mite be having similar choices in music.Hope to cya ard more!


  14. how very profound, and nobody could have woven the thoughts together in words like you have, my dear friend. and you have done it, even with the very limited nature of words in conveying thoughts.

    i could specially appreciate it, for it had some leanings towards the theory of karma and associated reincarnation. one views life as a progressive path towards evolution, and all our experiences has being contributions in that evolution of the so called ‘soul’. in that context, your use of space suits is simply wonderful!

    the purpose, i believe is discovered every moment. however, i also think we have several different purposes in life, and these can, and do invariably change over a period of time. the purpose of life, though, to me, would be to evolve and discover that perfect sense of harmony with the universe.

    i read somewhere, that if you’re still breathing, then you have a purpose. how simple, yet strikingly clear it makes things. thank you for this post.

  15. Devil Mood: I’m back! Didja miss me? A project deadline kept me crazy until yesterday. I loved the “…Inferno” clip. Can’t get enough of Mr. Taylor’s pontifications!

    Mez: oh you’re welcome and thank you and all of that! Soon as I catch a bit of sleep I’ll be by your place to listen to some tunes and see what’s shaking.

    You, dearest Dharmabum, are too wonderfully kind. In other words, I’ve confiscated your compliment and wouldn’t give it up unless a life depended on it! ;-)
    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed this. I once responded to a comment of Phish’s to the effect that Hinduism, especially the Advaita school, has made the most sense to me, rings the truest of the religious traditions to me, and therefore it does show itself in many of the views expressed here and wherever spirituality comes into play, and when doesn’t spirituality come into play? ;-) It’s us, it’s everything.
    Your third paragraph is a jewel—the purpose, discovered every moment—is so in tune. A facet of that immediately comes to mind in the human tendency to stop in stuckness, in frustration, but if only we keep moving forward it works its way out perfectly, and we see what we need to see. To stay still in silence, however, seems not stopping but movement of sorts, movement of intention, to meet with a taste of harmony with the universe.
    I’d not heard that saying before, “If you’re breathing, you have a purpose,” but I like it! I’m glad you shared it in this context. And I’m glad you came by. It’s always a pleasure to have you! I’ll pay you a visit to see your latest after some sleep! Until then…
    Oh, almost forgot! No comment moderation here. WordPress is awesome overall but I’ve experienced a strange thing or two, so I assume your comment issue also falls into that rare, strange thing category! :-)

  16. aha! am i glad that i discover here a fellow advaitin! it does ring a bell, doesn’t it, and how very clearly! at the cost of sounding terribly parochial minded, i’m gonna say this – to the remotely rationale mind that may be fairly well rid of prejudices (look how carefully i’m wording this :) ), there is no escaping from the beauty or the strength in the thought flow that can be found in advaita.

    am sure you noted, but since you’ve mentioned the third paragraph – i’ve also quoted (its not mine, obviously), the difference between the ‘purposes IN life’ and the ‘purpose OF life’. it would sound dogmatic, for someone to state the purpose of life per se. but again, these are supposed to be discovered, more than written or said. the ancient indians claim that they knew not the source of this wisdom, that they were mere instruments ‘through’ which such wisdom manifested upon earth. which is incidentally why the vedas have no author as such.

    to the mind that it spiritually attuned, its play can be seen and felt in every little thing in the universe. “to meet with the harmony of the universe” – what a most enchanting thought, that.

    and likewise, dear friend, a pleasure to be here, absolutely :)

  17. Dharmabum:

    LOL! I did indeed enjoy your carefully executed first paragraph. And yes! Who would have guessed? Advaita reaching this northeast corner of America in this western corner of the world! Actually it was when I was living and working in Texas, that I was introduced to Advaita, around 2001, by a fellow American who had been to Mumbai to see Ramesh Balsekar. I’d heard various concepts as paths to enlightenment, but Ramesh’s concept, his interpretation, affected me to the point where there was no need to look elsewhere for the answer to the problem of me, for there no longer was a problem!

    Actually, I didn’t take specific note of the uses of IN and OF in your third paragraph. When I read it, I flowed in one side and out the other. It was seamless, it was harmony in itself. So I’m glad you pointed back to it adding more depth and history.

    >> ”to the mind that it spiritually attuned, its play can be seen and felt in every little thing in the universe”
    I can’t imagine going back to seeing everything as I did before… It’d be a return to prison! =:-0

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