Road trip!


As Yahoo rejects Microsoft’s not-so-friendly takeover offer and the mortgage crisis fallout spreads and the race issue presses in hard on Obama, my idyllic VT stint comes to a close.  Yesterday I tore down my portable office—except my life support (laptop) of course—and packed all my things.  I ran by the rapid fox and waved a see-you-next-time good-bye.  Actually, he doesn’t even look like a fox at all anymore.  He’s had something like two feet of snow dumped on him since he “attacked” me at the end of January.  Now the configuration of tree stump and snow looks more like a harmless, Disney snail.  Harmless, Disney…that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?  Anyway, you’re reading VT words now, and soon you’ll be reading NY words.  I wonder if there’ll be any difference.  If I feel different I suppose there will be.  I wonder if I’ll feel more or less inspired.  I wonder if the connection to the infinite source of ideas will be stronger or weaker there.  Well, you’ll be the judges.  Something to look forward to?

4 responses to “Road trip!

  1. I’ve landed and I’m feeling saucier than ever! You all were so right…

    Devil: normally 7 to 8 hours, this trip was almost 11 hours, a huge portion of it through a super-nasty snowstorm on the New York State Throughway, but it never felt unsafe, just exciting. I see by my feeds list that you’ve been busy, so I’ll be over later to say hi!

    Phish: what a nice word “connections,” for the most part—the good ones being the things you need that last forever and the bad ones being the lessons it might be helpful going forward to remember! Here’s to the trip, physical or mental, that would shake things up for you, fix anything you think might be ailing you, give fresh new views to your artistic eyes… Cheers!

    Dharmabum: your luck quite obviously was the capsule that transported us unscathed through the snowstorm. Powerful! ;-) My bad side set about thinking what else might we get Dharmabum to wish for us? and my good side knows you already wish all of humanity the best…

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