The way the dog goes down

Ba-dump, ba-dump, head down, butt up, he goes chunkily, awkwardly, down slippery stairs that humans have devised.  He was meant for rocky terrain and a harsh climate with temperatures ranging from below zero to over 100 degrees Farenheit.  But in 1930, C. Sudyam Cutting, an American naturalist and world traveler, and his wife Mary, were given Lhasa Apsos, a gift from the 13th Dalai Lama.  Now there’s a Lhasa Apso in my home. 

Humans have the intelligence to find ways to create their world and then to operate outside that world, outside their natural abilities and talents.  We enter the fish’s realm with the help of scuba diving gear or deep submergence vehicles.  We enter the birds’ realm via the airplane.  We walk on the moon in spacesuits. 

The fish and birds know no better than to just exist—find food, play, sleep, escape predators or be eaten.  And by defaulting to following the simple rules of existing, there is no trouble caused, no negativity created.  Their desires don’t conflict with the way the Universe works. 

Humans, for the most part, cannot just exist.  We know no better than to create expansion—bigger, more and better.  And our intelligence is no guarantee that our creations will be successful and not make a mess.  Jeff Epstein and Seth Tobias have been in the headlines lately.  Their high IQs could not alter the effects of what they caused. 

And collectively, in trying to make things better for others or just ourselves, the motives and mechanics behind outsourcing, energy costs, and sub-prime lending, for example, have contributed to effect an economic graveyard spiral, the graveyard being recession. 

Since there’s no going back, we have no viable choice but to learn from our mistakes and to use our creativity and intelligence to try to make better our past betters, biggers and mores.  And so it goes.  More cause and effect.  More reaping what we sow. 

Yeah, yeah, we know all that.  We remember it and we apply it in our lives every day, OK?  Prior to making the littlest choice we stop and take a “heart reading” to see if the choice feels right, is win-win for everyone involved.  So back off because we know what we’re doing.  Now, just who is Madam Simbi M’Arue anyway?  


History of the Lhasa Apso:

“Hex factor cited in Seth Tobias’ death”: 

“The Fantasist” (re: Epstein):

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