Wait! You forgot something…

Katrina aftermath photo from stock.xchng (http://www.sxc.hu/)

Taken by coletta (http://www.sxc.hu/profile/coletta)

A little history: I gave in to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret hype sometime in April of this year. UPS delivered the goods, the book and DVD, at the end of May. Fortunately I’d been briefed by friends and prepared by reviews regarding the mostly shallow, materialistically-oriented presentation. So I pressed into the wind of it with senses pricked for deeper truths. Instead, I ended up buying into Easy-and-Effortless so consequently crashed and burned sometime in the reality of June.
But a lot of the principles mentioned in The Secret continued to kick around my head. There’s some potentially powerful stuff to be had there. Trouble is, it doesn’t come with a whip-cracking dictator or a programmable, success-achieving micro-chip injection kit. In my opinion, The Secret creators’ unpardonable sin is the Star Wars-style zinging and zapping delivery of one of the grandest illusions of easy prosperity.
Creating a destiny is work, people. Cutting a “new and improved” path through the comfortably overgrown jungle of the brain is bed-of-nails, hot coals, vat-of-acid hard work. I think the number one MacGyver trick in The Secret kit that works best for that kind of fast action, high adventure is the letter opener-and-matchbook suggestion that you can break the circuit of a negative thought and arc over to a positive one. But that technique isn’t yet 100% successful.
It doesn’t work a flaming lick in the bowels of hormone hell. There, you just have to hunker down, hold the fort, and hope you get spat out in tact. The good news is that I’ve been thinking about the circuitry thing so hard and for so long now that even in hell I get taps on the shoulder, “It doesn’t have to be this way you know…” I do know, but I hit the snooze button anyway. Nine minutes later, “It doesn’t have to be this way…”
Now that I’m back from that trip I realize there’s not one comment or suggestion or even a BPG (Bob Proctor Guarantee) in The Secret that tackles the application of the law of attraction during a severe bout of PMS. This almost makes me want to say some unfair thing that implies the admission of impossibility in their omission. But in the spirit of the “new and improved” me that’s supposedly being worked up like nerve, and in the manner of the “WWJD?” motto, I’ll ask myself, “WWRD?” What would Rhonda do, anyway? I think I’ll contact her. If she answers, I’ll be ready for next time.
This time I took some ibuprofen and read an article that journalist Barry Yeoman (http://www.barryyeoman.com/index.html) wrote for AARP The Magazine, “Katrina: The Untold Story” (http://www.aarpmagazine.org/people/katrina_untold_story.html). Two years after the fact and the current stats are still a nightmare with what looks like no end. The combination of that and the stories of those Barry interviewed busted through some tucked-away place within me that leaked out this mixture of hollow, wailing sadness, anger, sympathy, sorrow, compassion, thankfulness. That was days ago and it’s still with me. That’s a good thing. Means it shifted more than just a hormone-racked attitude.

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